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Google AdSense Profits

Google Adsense Case Study

Google AdSense

Visit just about any website and you will probably see ads from Google's AdSense. Despite not knowing important terms about their relationship with Google including revenue payout percentages, webmasters everywhere have embraced AdSense.

AdSense can turn a marginally profitable website into a nice money maker by adding another earnings stream to existing sales avenues. The single largest advantage to AdSense is the fact that webmasters are paid on a per click basis instead of a per sale basis. In other words, the cash register rings whether the potential customer makes a purchase or is just surfing on through. The latter is by far the norm as we have all seen our hit counter spin without a single sale being recorded.

Google has made AdSense very attractive to the smaller webmaster as a source of consistent new revenue. While this may seem like the perfect money machine for webmasters, it is not without it's drawbacks.

When a potential customer clicks on an AdSense ad he or she is taken immediately from the website and any other potential earnings gain is lost. Google does not allow its ads to open in a new window. So, one must balance AdSense ad positions with other revenue generating items on a webpage.

Also, webmasters have little or no control over the advertisements Google displays or the amount the core advertiser will be charged per click. Obviously, webmasters would prefer promotions from non-direct competitors and from the highest paying advertisers in order to maximize revenues.

Google itself provides few tools to the webmaster to analyze and solve the problems mentioned above. While webmasters can create channels and block certain advertisements through Google, these tools are inadequate for webmasters to avoid flying blind with AdSense promotion.

Fortunately, in recent months some talented programmers have come to the aid of the AdSense webmaster with sophisticated tools to monitor and create valuable AdSense statistics.

Mike Singer has created a free AdSense tool he named SysSense that sits on your Windows taskbar and provides your latest AdSense stats with just a simple mouse-over. It's very handy if you like to check your stats several times a day.

A nice script by Jonathan Leger tracks AdSense views and clicks on all your web pages. His AdSense Gold software provides much better statistical analysis than Google. With the information provided a webmaster can determine which ads and ad formats are being clicked and which pages and advertisements are providing the clicks. It can even tell from what site the surfer was referred.

As never before, webmasters now have the ability to maximize AdSense revenues while minimizing the impact on existing sales through the use of this analysis and testing.

Joel Comm has written an ebook about how he is making money with AdSense. You can learn his tricks to optimize your web pages for high paying advertisements and discover what sizes, colors and boarders create the most clicks.

Some of the new tools are able to let webmasters know where those clicking on AdSense adverts originated and specifically which advertisement is generating the clicks. Others, list keywords with probable high advertiser costs in order to maximize AdSense income with some keyword tweaking.

As expected, some of these tools work better than others and offer more comprehensive statistical information. We have provided hot links in this article to a few of the better AdSense tools that we use and have found to provide superior analysis information. New tools are constantly being created, so stay alert for new analysis methods that can provide an advantage over the competition.

One more note on AdSense advertisement placement. Google's AdSense is unique among the on-line advertisers. Not only does AdSense pay for each click but many of the clicks will pay webmasters with targeted traffic handsomely. Try using AdSense ads on pages that aren't sales order pages but rather content pages that get decent traffic. Advertisements should be placed high on the page with a two or three ad block so the highest paying promotions are presented to the visitor first.
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Google Adsense Case Study

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