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    Now Windows can clean up after itself (Boston Globe)If computers are so smart, why can't they take care of themselves? Keeping a PC in proper trim involves a host of niggling little tasks, many of them confusing and all of them easy to forget. It's not fair. Computers are good at remembering stuff. Surely they could remember to practice their own digital fitness regimen.

    ScanSoft makes PDF files portable (Boston Globe)Thanks to Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, viewing Portable Document Format files downloaded from the web or attached to an email is routine these days. But making changes to a PDF file is another matter. That requires additional software, and if all you need is to occasionally edit a PDF at home, spending as much as $450 for a full ...

    Coverage crunch (The Santa Rosa Press Democrat)After three years in business, employees at Petaluma's Central Animal Hospital are for the first time being offered health coverage, a benefit that just over half of all small businesses in the United States give their workers.

    Reinventing the ink supply (Boston Globe)DARTMOUTH -- So what if the Chinese invented fade-proof inks 4,600 years ago? Nathan Tardif, working in the basement of his modest seaside home here, thinks he can do it better.

    What's cost of pact not to compete? (Boston Globe)Noncompete agreements stymie some job hoppers. Doron Kempel was watching the case of Kai-Fu Lee out of the corner of his eye last week.

    Now class, open your book to page... (Boston Globe)Houghton Mifflin Co., the Boston textbook publisher is exploring new ways of presenting content and information. The written word isn?t enough anymore. Partly to convey lessons to a generation that grew up on video games and MTV, Houghton Mifflin has used a variety of information techniques to develop a fourth-grade science textbook that?s complemented by CD-ROMs, DVDs, and special websites.

    Born Free Eggs etches data on its fragile wares (Boston Globe)Watertown businessman David Radlo wants to protect the nation from agroterrorism, one eggshell at a time.

    OPEC wavers on supply boost (Boston Globe)VIENNA -- OPEC oil producers wavered yesterday over a supply increase that would aim to allay consumer country concerns about energy security after Hurricane Katrina pushed crude over $70 a barrel.

    The Bulletin | Business | Clothing by design ( Gienger, owner of EGO, is seen next to a rack with her designs.

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