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Net Neutrality Regulations Show How Washington Burdens Small Business

When small business advocacy groups complain about the burden of regulations, Washington insiders are skeptical. Regulations are mostly written to rein in, or keep tabs on, big business, so aren’t the small-business groups just shills for the big boys? Not really….
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Ted Cruz: Small Businesses Are Going Out Of Business – In Record Numbers

Imagine instead of economic stagnation and booming economic growth,” Cruz said. “Instead of small businesses going out of business in record numbers, imagine small businesses growing and prospering. Imagine young people coming out of school with four….
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Ted Cruz For President 2016

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Got A Network? – New Global Network Business Opportunity

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Novae Life Home Business Opportunity Review Prelaunch
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Jah Kafele, 20 Year Work At Home Professional
New  World Global Network Business Opportunity Video

Contract For Deed

Move Some Real Estate – Use The Contract for Deed Method

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In the next few minutes you are going to learn how a low cost, easy method can enable you to begin earning money in real estate. You can start your own home-based business using the “contract for deed” strategy

My name is Jake Toney and I am going to share some information with you that is truly amazing. That is…If you’re looking to make a killing in Real Estate.

I was first introduced to the Contract for Deed back in the 1980’s…I didn’t really know much about them at the time, but as a carpenter I kept seeing properties that needed some fixing-up so the owners could sell them using a Contract for Deed.

I still didn’t know much about how contract for deeds worked but I began to take an interest. It seemed that as I worked on more properties more of them were being sold by the owner using the contract for deed method. I began to realize that some of these owners were real estate investors selling their properties using this method for a quick turn-around.

I began researching the Contract for Deed sales method and realized that this was a solid practice for buying and selling real estate. And that it is perfectly legal, provided state law for such sales is followed, of course. I then realized that the contract for deed method of real estate sale required some specialized knowledge, but that it could be what lots of people are looking for. This would be a gold mine for real estate investors and create huge profits. You see, only a small number of potential real estate buyers can get real estate financing…

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Contract For Deed

Hyperinflation Nightmare Dead Ahead!

It’s Not A Question of “IF” – It’s A Question of “WHEN”

Washington Has Completely Lost Control Of Skyrocketing Deficits! Hyperinflation Is Set To Clobber The Dollar And Could Wipeout Everything You’ve Worked For! Burning Your Money Contains Expert Advice On How To Survive With Your Financial Security Intact! Don’t be complacent just because most commentators can’t see what’s coming. Be prepared to financially protect yourself and your family.
Hyperinflation Nightmare Dead Ahead!
Hyperinflation Nightmare Dead Ahead!

Become A Market Trader – Small Business

Here Are A Couple of Small Businesses That Could Be Your Wealth Ticket

Become A Market Trader- Small Business
My Name Is Ivana Franekova And I Work As A Personal & Business Coach In London, Uk. My Business Experience Spans More Than 18 Years. I Worked As A Market Trader For 11 Years And I’ve Established Web Design, Social Media And Business Coaching & Mentoring Small Businesses. Below is one of the best small business models I have come across.
Become A Market Trader

Build Yourself A Cleaning Business
From An Industry Trained And Experienced Cleaner This Book Is For Anyone Wanting To Break Out And Make A Life For Themselves In Their Own Small Business. You Are Shown All The Steps To Success: Techniques & Videos, Quoting, And Insider Secrets. This is a profitable business model that works.
Build A Cleaning Business
Become A Market Trader- Small Business

How To Start A Preschool

Kids Love Meeting Their Friends At Preschool – Make It Your Business To Help Them

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If you want to start a preschool then keep reading to discover how I’m able to stay home with my children and still generate a solid income every month. Read every word in this short introduction and you’ll learn why starting a preschool just might be the right business for you, too!

I understand parents who want desperately to be able to stay home during the day with their children. You want to be with them and teach them yourself so they will one day be able to lead successful, fulfilling lives from the knowledge and values you’ve taught them. As you’ll see in a moment, I decided to eventually start a preschool at home as an answer to being able to make good money and still spend the time I wanted with my kids.

I’d like to share something with you that changed my life and could change yours, too! Until just a few years ago, I struggled with my desire to stay home with my kids and still have enough money to cover the mountain of bills we had piled up. I needed a solution to bring in more income and I didn’t want to leave my kids at the day care every day.

Like most people, I didn’t decide to have children without some thought about it. I actually planned to quit working so I could be home as much as possible during my children’s formative early years. I thought this was really important. And, I hadn’t even thought about opening a home preschool at this time.

At first we were able to get by with our reduced income. Then everything changed. A bad economy and job layoffs led to a rollercoaster ride for our family income and I felt an overwhelming need to go back to work. Then a friend mentioned to me the idea to start a preschool at home. My eventual decision to start a preschool at home turned out to be an incredibly profitable course of action. Our family now has….

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How To Start A Preschool

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