Every SEC School Will Make More TV Money Than Texas Notre Dame
Remember when Notre Dame and Texas's television deals with NBC Sports and the Longhorn Network were going to revolutionize college athletics? So much for that. Over twenty years ago, way back in 1991, Notre Dame signed a contract to carry Irish …
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Stoozing: How to make money for free
'Stoozing' is widely regarded as one of the more complicated ways of making money from your credit card. Yet, with credit card companies offering increasingly lengthy 0% deals on purchases, and current accounts paying up to 5% AER on accounts in credit …
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gI 150087 Cloud%20Talk%20Radio%20 CloudTalk Radio Helps Listeners Understand How They Can Determine What Marketing Strategies Are Helping (Or Hurting) Their Businesses
Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

A recent podcast released from CloudTalk Radio expounds upon how businesses can determine what marketing strategies are hurting or helping their businesses become more successful. Talking about this important topic is guest host Mark Sullivan of CallRail, a popular and very effective call tracking tool.

Analytical tools, hosts Robert Chandler and Keith Eneix explain in the podcast, can help your business see a picture of what you’re measuring. The problem is, most businesses either do not measure or do not discuss what they are seeing in the data they are measuring.

This results in a picture that doesn’t clearly portray what marketing strategies are helping their business, and what are costing money, but failing to produce results—more traffic, better leads, greater conversion rates, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Tune into CloudTalk Radio each week by going to their website: http://cloudtalkradio.com/

The podcast hosts go on to explain that by selecting and avidly tracking the top three strategies that a business owner believes are producing the most results, business owners will obtain a more accurate picture of what strategies to improve, what to continue, and what to toss.

“There’s no point wasting money on strategies that aren’t working—it’s throwing away good money. Instead, data tracking can enable you to make informed business marketing decisions so that you are getting good return on your investments,” guest Mark Sullivan summarizes.

About CloudTalk Radio

Cloud Talk Radio is hosted by Robert Chandler, President and CEO at Cloud9 Real Time, and Keith Eneix, CEO at Fannit.com and internet marketing expert. Together, these cloud computing and business executives seek to provide business strategists and managers with practical and useful tips on how to make their company more efficient, generate higher revenue, and create better-targeted marketing strategies.

Media Contact for CloudTalk Radio

Tony Lael

Everett, WA


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Do you want to become successful entrepreneur? Yes! Everybody wants to success in the business and life. But most people never know where or how to begin looking to achieve their own success.

The best entrepreneur advice is that follow the successful entrepreneurs in your business. Learn from them how they would start? Where to begin? For example if you want to become a successful education consultant then look for great education consultants to be your mentors. Read all their books and articles on your subject.

This is the really very important steps that should take right from the start. Model someone who has already reached the goal that you want to achieve. Many people just avoid this important step.

It is all about to turning your mind to success as an entrepreneur or whatever. Somebody called it success mindset. But after all entire big question is how to turn your mind to success? How do you find the road map? Whenever you find the answer of this big question, you will succeed in your work and life. Follow these steps to finding the answer:

(1): Follow the successful entrepreneurs in your subject. They will tech you their secret of prosperity in business and life. Because becoming a successful entrepreneur is simple if you have the right system that works for you.

(2): Develop the ability to solving the problems. Think how does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Break the problem into small sets and try to tackle the things. Learn from successful persons, the best their lessons of failure.

(3): Find the answer of the question: what do you want from yourself? Are you satisfied with your current position? If not. Then what are you doing for your satisfaction.

(4): Right attitude = success mindset

Change your attitude. Researches said that attitude plays an important role in success sometime it affect 80 percent of success and all 20 percent of success comes from technical qualification and others. You can say it is 80:20 rule.

All the life we are looking for money, qualifications, books, articles etc. but these plays only 20 percent role in success. Think about it.

Do you to develop right attitude? Again just follow the successful persons.

(5): You should always be open to new things. How many times do you get set in your ways and do not really want to learn new things or implement new ideas? But beware only right idea and things can travel you to the success.

(6): The absolute best way to find success as an entrepreneur is to start out by doing the things you enjoy and outsource the things that are necessary but you do not like to do. You should start entrepreneurship with your passions, your interests, and things that bring you enjoyment.

(7): From that starting point, find a way to make it profitable! do not bow down and drop your passions just because there are other markets out there that are known to be more lucrative. All you need is a little creativity to be a successful entrepreneur

Finally here is the example:

In the 1970, the Japanese car manufacturers were the joke of the world. They were tin cans that no one took seriously… but in the 80s this changed and in a HUGE way.

The Japanese realized they needed to change the focus of their energy and instead of trying to invent things try to follow success path and simply make it better. It was this mindset change that made Japan into becoming an automotive giant in the world.

conclusion: If you are serious about earning more money in your life and have control of your deserved time, you need to be an entrepreneur– An extraordinary one. Then you should follow the successful entrepreneurs in your business

If you want more successful entrepreneur advices than follow secrets of millionaire mind [http://www.sourceecommerce.com/entrepreneur/secrets-of-millionaire-mind.html] and learn How to become a millionaire [http://www.sourceecommerce.com/entrepreneur/how-to-become-a-millionaire.html], that will really help you to success in business.

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gI 118802 Onelamp%20Space%20Display Onelamp Uganda Aims to Improve Primary Education with Worlds Only Solar Light Bulb
Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Nokero International, LLC today announced the launch of Uganda dealership, Onelamp, to provide solar light bulbs to Eastern Africa and combat a surge in East African illiteracy rates. Founded by Derrick Opio, Onelamp is illuminating the future of Ugandan education by providing a safe, sustainable, solar light to primary school children.

Inspired by his education and social entrepreneurship research at New York City’s DO School, Mr. Opio Derrick Hosea found that 7.5 million Ugandan primary school children needed a cleaner alternative to kerosene lighting. Through extensive market-based and academic research, Derrick found that across Uganda only 1% of rural schools have access to electricity and the 2014 UWEZO East Africa Report announced Uganda as the leading East African country in primary school illiteracy rates.

Partnering with US-based solar company, Nokero, Onelamp Uganda aims to address literacy rates among primary schools by providing safer and more affordable nighttime lighting options. 79% of rural homes in Uganda use kerosene lanterns (tadooba) for lighting, which only emit 1-6 lumens of light. Onelamp, however, sells solar lights at 6-30 lumens and ranging from USD$ 6.85 (UGX18,000) to USD$ 21 (UGX55,000). According to Onelamp, “Every household can save up to UGX30,000 monthly of its disposable income by using solar light bulbs.” Onelamp’s solar models are water-resistant and come with a hanging clip for easier charging during the day. They are all patented designs made in quality-controlled factories and will last 2-5 years with a warranty of 3 months and no additional expenses after the initial purchase.

Recently featured at the 22nd National Trade Show in Jinja, Uganda, Onelamp has had successful introductory sales. This Friday, July 18, 2014, they celebrate the opening of their store from 5:00 to 7:00pm. The official opening of Onelamp’s regional store will also celebrate a product launch and press conference at Trans Atlantic City Plaza in Jinja. Press is encouraged to attend and meet notable guests from local universities, government agencies, community programs, businesses, and civil society organizations. Visitors can also enjoy up to 40% off storewide during the launch party. For more information, please email info(at)onelamp(dot)ug, call +256434660875, or visit http://www.onelamp.ug/upcomingevents.

About Onelamp Uganda

At Onelamp, we believe that education and solar energy should go hand in hand as the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty plaguing rural communities in Uganda and the African continent. We recognize light as a critical enabler to quality education for the world´s deprived and underserved. Onelamp is based in Jinja, Uganda and was founded in 2014 by Mr. Opio Derrick Hosea, a Ugandan youth who won a scholarship to attend the DO School’s international program for emerging social entrepreneurs. Onelamp aims to provide solar lights to 1,000,000 children by the end of 2016.

About Nokero

Nokero International, LLC delivers sustainable solar lighting solutions to families, businesses, NGOs, and public agencies. The name ‘Nokero’ originates from the phrase ‘No Kerosene’—evoking its mission to replace the harmful, polluting fuel with cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions. Founded in 2010 by inventor and CEO Steve Katsaros, Nokero is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA with offices in Hong Kong and Kenya. Since its inception, Nokero has distributed over 1 million solar light bulbs to 130 countries by working with dealers worldwide. To inquire about dealer opportunities and bulk quantity discounts, please apply at http://www.nokero.com/dealers/application.

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