Can Music Still Make Money?

Session “Step 3: $$$$PROFIT$$$$ Making money with Drupal websites”
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Image by khawkins04
Session "Step 3: $$$$PROFIT$$$$ Making money with Drupal websites" by "andy"…

Can Music Still Make Money?
April 17 (Bloomberg) –- Just Go CEO Justin Golshir discusses the music industry and Wu Tang Clan's plan to sell just one copy of their latest album for a multi-million dollar figure. He speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's “Countdown …
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Raising Money? Think Hard Before Your Business Takes The Plunge
Before devoting energy and resources into raising capital – and this is advice that I've heard from VCs themselves – make sure you're raising money for the right reasons, don't rule out bootstrapping as an option and understand the implications of the …
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Making money with a social mission
WENHAM — At a Christian liberal arts college, entrepreneurship is not usually a focus. Students motivated to be agents of change may not want to learn how to make money, says Carter Crockett of Gordon College. But Crockett thinks they can do both. And …
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How to Start a Home-Based Business

Watch more How to Start a Business videos: Start a business out of your home. It’s hard…
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Start up costs for a home travel agency business … How much does it cost to start a home-based tr…
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How is the U.S economy?!?!?

Question by OnionCookie: How is the U.S economy?!?!?

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Answer by giobobo1
The US is still in debt, but this happens every other 20 years or so… note the great depression..

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The Web Un Tangled Book
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Unlimited Home Business Success
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Cool Successful Entrepreneur images

Check out these successful entrepreneur images:

Kadiatu Kamara, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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Image by Alfred Weidinger
Fashion designer Kadiatu Kamara with a necklace designed by herself.

Kadiatu Kamara is a young twenty-something from Sierra-Leone who is currently making waves in the African fashion scene. Her bold look, self-assuredness and yet humble spirit are uncompromising. The former Miss West Africa U.K infuses her experiences from her travels around Europe and Africa into her new collection, UPSCALE. The collection is sensual, feminine, enigmatic and deeply inspired by her African roots. Born into humble beginnings, Kadiatu’s childhood was anything but comfortable. From selling on the streets of Freetown, to living through and then escaping war torn Sierra-Leone. Despite the odds, Kadiatu succeeded in establishing a successful modeling career in Europe and North America, however, her heart remained in her home country of Sierra-Leone. Upon her return, Kadiatu took her love for her country and fashion to the next level by emerging as a designer and entrepreneur. Already a proud owner of VIVID EMPORIUM, a high end boutique located in the heart of Freetown’s social scene, Kadiatu offers her cliental custom made designs and one of a kind selections with the intension that everyone holds a piece of Sierra-Leone.

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Spence Wilson at the Society of Entrepreneurs, Oct. 21, 2009
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Image by LunaWeb
For Spence Wilson, there are two basic building blocks for successful entrepreneurship: passion and perception.

To prove his point, he need look no further than his father, Kemmons Wilson, who founded the Holiday Inn chain and enjoyed a long and successful career.

"My dad was a great example of someone who got up every day and loved what he did and devoted his life to it," Wilson said during a roundtable forum on Tuesday sponsored by the Society of Entrepreneurs. "I encourage entrepreneurs to make sure they love what they do and develop a keen sense of awareness about their business. Otherwise, they might as well forget it."

Wilson, president of Kemmons Wilson Inc., was keynote speaker at the SOE forum held at the Crescent Club. He discussed expanding the family business and brand, which has resulted in investments in more than 400 different businesses.

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