Turn on captions for English subs. Awhile back, “YingShi FengYun Bang” aired a news report on Yang Mi’s journey in the entertainment industry, did a feature on “a day in YM’s life”, and had an exclusive interview with her. Yang Mi looks back on some of her most popular dramas (ROCH, CP3, Gong) as well as her recent movie (Mysterious Island). She also discusses her attitudes towards life, acting, her career, and family. Note: I actually have some issues with this news report–there are several inaccuracies (especially regarding timing of events) and it makes Yang Mi’s journey in the entertainment industry sound very smooth/easy when in reality, she had to overcome various obstacles to get to where she is today (such as being blacklisted and getting several roles canceled on her in the last minute). However, I do like the segments where they interview Yang Mi and I feel these parts give some very good insight into her personality and outlook on life.

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