www.riskfree90daybodychallenge.com ViSalus Due Diligence Short Version Dial this #: (507) 726-3700 Check out this site: bodybyvi.com Watch the 20 Min Presentation Video on this site overview.visalus.com Still need more information…? Due Diligence Resources on ViSalus Sciences Performance Highlights ViSalus is currently averaging well over 1000 new members per DAY joining the company’s Body by Vi Challenge. ViSalus’ momentum curve started in 2010. From Jan – Nov 2010, ViSalus grew between 10% to 55% over the previous month’s sales volumes! That’s 11 months straight of double digit compounded monthly growth, proving the business model to be extremely sustainable. This Video reviews ViSalus 2010 Growth Data: www.youtube.com ViSalus Received a Global Industry Award from Direct Selling News based on its 2010 growth. ViSalus’ momentum has continued to build in 2011, with an average 20% month over month growth in Q1 and Q2. This Video reviews Q1 2011 ViSalus Growth Data: Watch: www.youtube.com Company is attracting a very diverse group of promoters, including Hulk Hogan, college students, Nationwide Gym Chains, stay at home parents, Fitness Legends, retired couples, Celebrities, business executives, Professional Athletes, and everyone in between.

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