The World Races Closer To Nuclear War Under Obama

Naïve Obama's Nuclear War

The agreement Mr. Obama (I have such contempt for this man that I refuse to use the title, “President”) and Secretary Kerry are about to make with Iran appears to give them a clear path to nuclear weapons. Not even the ten year term of the agreement, it seems, is going to give them pause for their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Reports on the terms of the agreement indicate that Iran will be allowed to continue to spin thousands of centrifuges – centrifuges capable of amassing the very nuclear material an agreement was intended to prevent.

I won’t even discuss the fact that the development of ICBM and submarine missile launch capabilities Iran is pursuing will remain off the table in this agreement — Capabilities that will enable Iran to deliver WMD’s to Israel, the U.S., Europe and other middle eastern countries on short notice.

The incredible stupidity being exhibited by Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry with regard to the negotiated agreement with Iran is astounding. It seems a greatly elevated risk of nuclear war could be the result. Their path is so absurd that even the French are alarmed. According to an article by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet of the GateStone Institute, French leaders believe Mr. Obama is behaving dangerously naïve.

French leaders think the U.S. president is dangerously naïve on Iran’s ambitions, and that his notion of making Iran an “objective ally” in the war against ISIS, or even a partner, together with Putin’s Russia, to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, is both far-fetched and “amateurish.”

Under what appears to be the agreement coming out of talks with Iran, the middle east could erupt into a tinderbox of nuclear armed states and possibly even nuclear armed terrorist organizations.

French diplomats worry that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, every other local Middle East power will want them. Among their worst nightmares is a situation in which Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia join the Dr. Strangelove club.

So, aside from the obvious fears of an eventual nuclear armed Iran with world wide delivery systems, what are the likely consequences of a weak agreement with Iran? Given the ever present support for and acts of jihad coming from Islamic groups, countries and religious leaders in that part of the world, is there any doubt of the potential for regional or even world wide nuclear war will be astronomical and likely? According to Ms. Moutet, the French (and any other sane individual) think so.

…they do not believe that the Israelis would use a nuclear device except in a truly Armageddon situation for Israel. As for Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Turkey going nuclear, however, they see terrifying possibilities: irresponsible leaders, or some ISIS-type terrorist outfit, could actually use them. In other words, even if they would never express it as clearly as that, they see Israelis as “like us,” but others potentially as madmen.

But, the U.S. Congress will never approve such a weak deal giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons, you say. Well, it seems Mr. Obama may have plans to lift most sanctions on Iran himself, which he can do. And then going to the United Nations for approval of an agreement unsupported by Congress. This would certainly make the unravelling of an agreement much more difficult for a future President.

By then, it would probably be too late anyway. The parties in the region will have already embarked on a nuclear armament path of no return. Any resulting conflict would indeed be Mr. Obama’s nuclear war and his legacy. The fate of the world might be being delivered into the hands of madmen and God.

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