THE NEXT TRILLION A bridged V ersion Why the wellness industry will exceed the trillion healthcare (sickness) industry in the next ten years Paul Zane Pilzer Park City, Utah Hi Opportunity Seeker , As promised, here is some information regarding Mona Vie – a company that has broken all records achieving over Billion a year in sales in less than 6 years, and has just been the first networking company to be ranked the No.1 fastest growing food company in the renowned Inc500 of the USA’s leading companies. They have already more 100 people earning over a million dollars a year in residual income, and more people making a significant 4-figure income greater than any other company in their market …and they’ve achieved all this so far in just 21 countries, in less than 5 years, with pretty much just one product! . Now company has 5 product. The exciting news is this impressive company and its products launched into the UK, Thailand, India and Europe in the 6 months and are now looking for Distributors for their products who are interested in running their own business from home, and who are serious about significantly increasing their income. Can I suggest you work through the following in their order so it makes more sense, and make sure your speakers are on and turned up… I am Barjinder Singh from India. Please check my personal website. Where you can know about the company. Please Click here : If you are from India then you can join in Free

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