The Small Business Marketing Company Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) allows any business to track their leads! For Small Business measuring your return on investment is essential….There is no point putting money down the drain when you need every cent you can get. By getting dynamic number insertion set up Small Businesses are able to see where their leads have come from for example from Adwords, social Media pages of SEO…Note however you will require 1300 numbers that have tracking reports available so you can generate inbound phone call reports monthly. This video talks about the ability to measure the performance of adwords campaigns and the impact it has on your leads whether it be through phone calls or online enquiry form submissions. The basic idea is that DNI replaces contact phone numbers on your web page with call tracking (1300 ) numbers, which allows businesses to measure volume. There are 2 different methods to apply DNI. This video only focuses on one of those being a server-side method called reverse proxy. The Small Business Marketing Company offer this service to it’s clients. Contact me today on 8459 0055 or visit http for more.

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