www.amserv.com American Management Services conducted The Small Business Survey and reports conclude that Big Business is too big for its britches and that the economy for small business is going in the wrong direction. Small businesses are upset because they create 50% of the jobs in this country and are being ignored. At American Management Services whether you’re in a dire situation that requires immediate and definitive action, or if you simply want to increase your profits and cash flow to improve upon and continue your success, we quickly size-up the situation and issues, bring people together and refocus the business on the key issues. Our emphasis is on getting quick, measurable results by working closely with the ownership. We’ve been consulting small businesses and implementing profits for more than 25 years, and draw from that experience to help you achieve your immediate and long-term business goals. Whether you need immediate turnaround management, profit improvement, profit management, or cash management services, we provide a seasoned and objective analysis to INCREASE cash flow and REDUCE bank borrowings ESTABLISH cash management solutions REEVALUATE business plans COMMUNICATE and implement profit for ownership and senior management ESTABLISH short and long term strategies INFLUENCE and IMPLEMENT long-term strategies for sustained business growth in profits and revenues, and quality of life for ownership. Our style is to work hands-on with management and

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