“Dollars newly printed for cost-free by The Private for-ProfitFed (and loaned at interest to the U.S. Taxpayer) diminish the Getting Electrical power of those already in circulation. As a result, Quantitative Easing is Taxation without having Representation.”



“Let the economists gasp: The classical gold standard, the a single that was in place from 1880 to 1914, is what the globe wants now. In its utility, economic climate and elegance, there has never been a monetary program like it…

Nationwide currencies had been backed by gold. If you didn’t like the currency you could exchange it for shiny coins (money was “sound” if it rang when dropped on a counter)… In gold-normal nations, government budgets had been mostly balanced. Central banks had the single public function of exchanging gold for paper or paper for gold…

“Quantitative easing,” a.k.a.

cash-printing, is as old as the hills. Draftsmen of the United States Constitution, nicely recalling the overproduction of the Continental paper dollar, defined cash as “coin.”… The pure paper era did not start right up until 1971…

For a convertible currency is a sophisticated, self-contained details method. By deciding on to hold it, or instead the gold that stands behind it, the men and women tell the central bank if it has issued also significantly funds or too very little. It really is democracy in money, relatively than mandarin rule…

Nowadays, it really is the mandarins at the Federal Reserve who determine what interest rate to impose, and what volume of currency to conjure…

The Financial institution of England when had an unhappy knowledge with this technique of operation. To fight the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, Britain traded in its gold pound for a scrip, and the bank had to decide unilaterally how numerous pounds to print.

Lacking the information encased in the gold regular, it printed also a lot of. A wonderful inflation bubbled…

To reinstitute a modern day gold common right now would consider time, as well. The United States would very first have to get in touch with an global monetary conference…

…the delegates could get down to the technical operate of proposing a rate of exchange in between gold and the dollar (almost certainly it would be even higher than the existing cost of gold, the better to inspire new exploration and creation).” (emphasis extra)

“James Grant: How to make the dollar sound once again”
James Grant, New York Times, eleven/14/ten


It is becoming ever far more widely acknowledged that the U.S. Dollar’s Standing as the World’s Reserve Currency is in jeopardy. Furthermore, long-term, the quite existence of the U.S. Dollar is in question, as the recent comments by Globe Financial institution President Robert Zoellick indicate.

Certainly, Zoellick’s comments (see under) reflect an Extraordinary Arrogance as properly as a Threat to and Betrayal of the U.S. Dollar.

He tacitly acknowledges a willingness to permit the U.S. Dollar to cease becoming the World’s Reserve Currency by advocating a New Technique in which 5 Primary Currencies would be utilised with Gold as a “Reference Point” to establish future Currency values (see under).

This kind of a Giant Step towards a de facto International Currency would have broad-reaching Negativeimplications for U.S. Dollar, Euro, and other Fiat Currency holders and Traders around the Globe as we make clear beneath.

In commendable distinction, James Grant (Grant’s Interest Price Observer) advocates reinstitution of a Gold-U.S. Dollar link, relatively than a Gold-5 Currency hyperlink. In our view, reinstitution of a Gold-U.S. Dollar hyperlink is probably the only way to conserve the U.S. Dollar in the long run.

Why must a single care about preserving the U.S. Dollar? One particular really should care simply because preserving the U.S. Dollar would also support to protect Investors’ Wealth, their Economic Freedom, and Significantly of their Political Freedom, all of which would probable be considerably diminished beneath a One Worldwide Currency Regime.

Indeed, by comparison a five-Currency-Gold “Reference Point for long term Currency Values” is a Giant Step towards the Wealth Confiscation of people who now hold their Wealth in Assets denominated in these five currencies (doubtless the five would contain the U.S. Dollar and Euro).

The Globalists led by the IMF (its SDR’s previously function as a Worldwide Currency for The Large Boys) and The Planet Financial institution would doubtless establish the Exchange Rate of the New 5-Currency Currency, vis a vis Gold and Silver.

The Globalists currently have a Model for this kind of a Wealth Confiscation. It is the de facto Wealth Confiscation which appropriated U.S. Citizens’ Wealth in the early thirties. The F.D.R. Administration demanded to purchase all privately held Gold at just more than $ 20/oz and then subsequently pegged the currency exchange price for Gold at a significantly increased degree.

— In other words, that de facto Confiscatory Episode played out like the following: “We will buy your Gold from you at $ twenty/oz and market to other people, or back to you, a bit later at $ 35/oz”, but you, Former Gold Holder, get none of these earnings.

In light of our comments, and Jim Grants’, take into account again Zoellick’s Comments and our Interpretation. (But bear in mind that CoinCollections were exempt from that Confiscation in the early 30’s. Hence it is prudent to hold a Key Component of Ones Core Position in Gold (and Silver) in Bodily Coins, as we have already recommended.)

As a result, Robert Zoellick, Planet Financial institution President and former U.S. Treasury Department Official, (and in which arehis loyalties?) offers a Major Clue with regards to the two his and his Globalist Comrades’ Threats to the U.S. Dollar and, by implication, the Sound Rationale for linking the U.S. Dollar to Gold.

In contemplating his comments, it is important to preserve in mind the Vital Distinction amongst Globalists on a single hand, and Nationalists/Internationalists on the other.

Think about our Interpretation of his Current Pronouncements:

“Though textbooks may view gold as the old cash, markets are utilizing gold as an option Monetary Asset nowadays.”

Our Unspun Interpretation:
“The Purchasing Energy and Credibility of the U.S. Dollar is being destroyed by us Globalists and in the following handful of years the U.S. Dollar will cease to serve as the World’s Reserve currency. Other Fiat Currencies are getting similarly Degraded. Specific Significant Sovereign Nations (and particular Private) Debts can not be repaid without having this Currency Degradation…we all know Gold (and Silver) is the only Actual Funds. Therefore the Following Funds (i.e. Planet Reserve Currency), will be valued in terms of Gold and we Globalists shall establish that Exchange worth.”

“The development of a monetary program to be successful Bretton Woods II launched in 1971, will take time. But we want to begin.”

Our Unspun Interpretation:
“We Globalists know the Key Fiat Currencies (e.g. U.S. Dollar and Euro) are going to Fail and (Wink, Wink) we could just have planned it that way.” (See Deepcaster’s Article with regards to The Cartel’s ‘End Game’: “Gold-Freedom versus The Cartel ‘End-Game’ &amp A Method for Surmounting It” (09/23/ten) in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s web site.)

Zoellick Conclusion(summarized):
A new Program is essential making use of 5 Main Currencies with gold as the “reference” point for future currency Values.

Our Unspun Interpretation:
We Globalists are going to Need (to more enhance our Energy and Wealth) a New Global Currency (printed out of thin air and issued by us Globalists for profit of program) which to startwill be an amalgam of 5 primary then-devalued currencies such as the U.S. Dollar and Euro and which will serve as a Transition to our One particular Globe Globalist Currency (likely the “Banco”, as Keynes recommended) which, because we Globalists Control it, will be linked to Gold (which of course will have to come from the Principal Nations whose Currencies have been devalued), so The New 1 Planet Currency will have some lasting Value, mainly for our advantage, but also yours, for you will gain Stability.

But of course in the approach of Sovereign Currency Devaluation, and gaining Stability, you will shed Considerably of your Wealth (because we Globalists will establish the Exchange rate for Gold in New Currency Terms, and simply because we have alreadyconfiscated the Wealth you believed you stored in Dollars/Euros and so on. by diminishing their Acquiring Electrical power via repeated Q.E. 2), Hence Significantly of your Economic Freedom (No More Sovereign National Currencies, or genuinely Sovereign Nations, for we shall Manage The Currency), and therefore Much of (if not all) of your Political Freedom will be sacrificed.

(And is it not true that if The Fed have been significant about assisting the Genuine Economic system rather than just the Mega-Banks, would it not do a “Cram-By means of” forcing the Banking institutions to Lend the Q.E. Funds into the Economic climate, fairly than letting The Mega-Banks sequester them on their books, as they do now?)

Our Advised Antidote to the Globalist’s Electrical power Grabbing Scheme:
Hyperlink the U.S. Dollar to Gold and Veto a Global Currency.

Of program, in the process (of either situation), which is currently happening, Gold and Silver will soar in Worth (topic of course to occasional Cartel-produced Nasty Value Takedowns like the 1 we just saw in the last number of days).

But therein lies an Opportunity. [As our Normal Readers know, we have produced a Method developed to Maximize Profit from The Chance and Reduce Injury from The Ongoing Threat of Cartel* Created Takedowns. We Outline the Background for and the Essential Points of that Technique, as effectively as factors made by other people, beneath. For complete details, readers ought to see “Surmounting the Confiscation or Collapse Scenario” (09/09/ten) in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s web site.]

*We encourage these who doubt the scope and power of Overt and CovertInterventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Crucial Central Bankers and Favored Fiscal Institutions to study Deepcaster’s

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