www.bungetv.com – BungeTV is a monthly newscast provided by Bunge Oils to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events and information that impact the food processing and foodservice industries. This month’s topics include nutritional label information, fat awareness, how to make aioli, Commodity news, top chefs from unexpected places, Margarine Wars movie premiere News A new study suggests that nutritional information on packaging may not be helping Americans in the battle of the bulge…. Add some spice to your fry condiment choice… And Bunge MOE goes to Hollywood! All that and more in this edition of Bunge TV?News, trends and information important to your food business, I’m Karen Jenkins According to research in the British Food Journal… US consumers have better fat content awareness than our French and Canadian counterparts, but we eat more of it. A study of more than 300 consumers revealed that Americans appear to be more knowledgeable about dietary fats and nutritional recommendations on fats compared with those in other countries. So given the high obesity rates in the US, researchers say providing nutritional information may not be as effective as previously thought in promoting healthy eating habits for Americans. Industry News In other news, the best new US chefs are coming from some unexpected places…. Food & Wine Magazine released its list of the top new chefs in the country, and surprisingly many are not from the foodie capitals of New York, Los

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