www.bungetv.com – BungeTV is a monthly newscast provided by Bunge Oils to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events and information that impact the food processing and foodservice industries. This episode includes Industry news, High Oleic Canola update, Chicago Board of Trade Experts meeting, Bunge Commodity report, BiiC Culinary Kitchen Grand Opening and MOE Update. Welcome to Bunge TV?News, trends and information important to your food business, I’m Stacey Wagers. The USDA reduced the US soybean yield forecast for 2012 to 36 point 1 bushels per acre from 40 point 5 acres they had forecasted last month. This is lower than most all other estimates. The agency says lower soybean yields are expected for each of the top 10 soybean growing states, and goes on to say there are some of the worst conditions ever indicated by USDA’s data series. The small crop is expected to result in a 175-million-bushel cut in the domestic crush and a 240-million-bushel cut in exports. The large cut in exports reflects the forecast of a record-large harvest in South America in 2013. US export sales for the 2012-13 year that begins on Sept. 1 already account for 51 percent of the projected exports for the year. Meanwhile the outlook for the high oleic canola crop is very solid and a great yield is anticipated… in fact it could be the largest on record. Want to know what these numbers mean for you? You could join Bunge’s Chicago Board of Trade Market Experts Discussion. This bimonthly

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