In 1983, entrepreneurial businessmen Jean Brandt and Charles Lambert founded BELSPEED in Eupen, Belgium. They collaborated with some Italian transporters and quickly became the preferred and trusted provider of transportation services to the fashion industry. Established in the heart of Europe, with easy access to the major European markets, BELSPEED relies on its highly qualified staff, its excellent infrastructure and fleet, and its strategic partnerships to provide high quality, personalized, professional service to even the most demanding clients. This has remained an ambition shared by the owners and by the highly qualified employees since the company began. With high level fashion brands, the company grew steadily in reputation and demand. In 2000, BELSPEED carved out a niche for itself by opening up a full service, pick and pack logistics warehouse in Kruishoutem. It was the right idea at the right time, serving clients with a total logistics package. In 2001, a leading American jeans brand was introduced to Europe. By early 2002, BELSPEED was responsible for handling all of the European logistics for the brand and for many others. This created a BELSPEED train that many American fashion brands quickly jumped on. As the demand for American fashion in Europe grew, so did the demand for BELSPEEDS services. In the past several years, BELSPEED has grown into a dynamic logistics force with two hubs in Belgium: Kruishoutem and Eupen. There are 500000 square feet (50000

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