The Great Climate Change Scam

If you’re not angry about the untruths about climate change presented as fact by the likes of Al Gore, Barack Obama, many Democrats and other thoughtless liberals, you should be. In an effort, in some cases, to enrich themselves and further their redistribution of wealth ideas some scientists, influential politicians and liberal activists have manipulated, tortured and turned a blind eye to the real data supporting or denying man caused climate change – or as they used to call it, “Global Warming.”

In a recent article by Christopher Booker the serious manipulation of surface temperature data by scientists over the last 20 years or so is laid bare. Such manipulation of public data that could easily find the perpetrators facing stiff prison sentences if it were to happen in the private sector. Still, you’ll read little about this manipulation in the main stream media whom are ever becoming idealogs and forsaking the reporting of truth and scandal when it doesn’t fit their views.

This scam in the venue of climate data is so huge that Anthony Watts in his well researched blog, “Watts Up With That”, refers to it as “Climategate,” modifying the term “Watergate” to fit the more serious scandal befalling America and the world.

As American voters refrain from voicing their well deserved outrage at those still trying to blame climate change on human activities, the lies continue coming out of the mouths of certain ignorant and self centered politicians and advocates of such nonsense. Their goal of making the public pay through the nose for something that doesn’t exist continues to march forward.

It’s well past time for the American public to wake up and pay attention to what is happening in our country. If the apathy about such serious matters as climate change continues with young and old voters alike we are going to wake up one morning to find our beloved America and our freedoms gone. By then it going to be too late.

Educate yourself and take a well reasoned active position.

The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated On The U.S. Taxpayer - Climate Change

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