Keeping fragile items safe with environmentally friendly fungus grown into packing material. Entrepreneur’s green vision aims to put Styrofoam out of business. TOM HUDSON: Along with all the wrapping paper and cardboard boxes left over from Christmas, you may have thrown out some Styrofoam packing peanuts. But that Styrofoam will stay in landfills for hundreds of years. Tonight we continue our partnership with “Planet Forward,” the George Washington University social media project using your ideas to change the future. Frank Sesno considers what if you could pack stuff in a material that`s cheap, more environmentally friendly and made from mushrooms? FRANK SESNO, PROF., GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: Eben Bayer is the portrait of the young, idealistic entrepreneur. On “Planet Forward,” Bayer talked about his big idea, which he developed as an undergrad studying mechanical engineering. Bayer thinks he can transform an industry, reduce energy consumption and make money. Instead of using petroleum, Bayer`s company uses agricultural waste. We wanted to see for ourselves. Could this really mushroom into a business that could make a difference? We visited the plant outside Albany, New York and Eben Bayer showed us around. EBEN BAYER, CEO, ECOVATIVE DESIGN: Our business model is to transform these low-value wastes into something with value. We do that by binding them together and adding a shape. SESNO: They mix seed husks with a cultured fungus and pour it all into

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