December 1 2010: The Fed grows richer at our expense, Wikileaks news links, desperate things for desperate people, the clarion call of gold, black friday unremarkable, countries drown in the debt of other countries. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet grew a 4th straight week to 28 trillion, up billion in a week. In May the balance sheet was 33 trillion. Holdings of government securities totaled 1.24 billion, and rose .62 billion. Mortgage holdings were unchanged and Agency holdings fell slightly. It might interest you to know that over the past seven years federal debt has doubled to almost trillion. That is more than 0000 for every American household. It should be noted that combined expenditures on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are projected to account for 45% of primary federal spending. That is a rise equal to 62% of GDP to 185% in 2035. 70% of US Treasuries are held by private investors and once they start to realize the US is really broke the game is over. On a European note, Germany cannot keep paying for bailouts without going bankrupt itself. Germany is drowning in the debt of other countries. Assets under management in commodities hit a record high of 0 billion in October. A very important event is that China and Russia are going to quit using the US dollar. This is big news. In spite of the current USDX dollar rally it will reduce demand for dollars and expedite the dollar’s demise. Once the dollar rally, induced by European

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