This video is a favor to JohnU78 who recently left Florida, for the Northwest. He likes to see the real situation that so many people face during these damanding times. As a small business owner myself I am grateful, I am still in business. So many have lost their business, homes, lifestyles. Usury of debt, manipulation of our currency, and devalued buying power has taken an effect. As well as the oil scare the media hyped last summer, keeping tourists away from our beaches. Hopefully the city will knock down some of the eye sores, or pressure the owners with code enforcement to clean up these empty storefronts. In one of little spaces was a train store, a nice British couple ran it. One of the real estate business brokers, I was very friendly with, I believe she lost her house, business and also has left the state. I really liked the Jamba Juice places which have closed.

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