Create your own Juicing Business

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Hi, my name is Jeff Green. I am not a salesperson nor a motivational speaker. I am just a regular guy who ran into a difficult time in his life. As I struggled to make ends meet during this period, I happened upon the solution to my problems.

I can’t promise this is going to work for you like so many others try to do with pie in the sky income claims. Believe me, I know how disappointing it is to discover the pot of gold that was promised just doesn’t exist. I’m going to share with you my personal experience and how, by making some small changes to my life, I managed to take control of my finances and my future.

Like so many in today’s economic climate, I had a great vision for my life but so many times I failed in my attempts at success. There were even moments when I thought about just giving up on everything. I had reached my wits end. I was just overwhelmed with my problems; the unpaid bills, the creditor phone calls and the resulting constant emotional distress. It wasn’t until I lost my job that I decided to give juicing a try. It was like a miracle happened to me! You see, I really disliked the idea of eating a proper diet that included lots of vegetables ever since I was little. But after blending and drinking my own juicing recipe I felt energetic, more focused and alive than I had in years. In less than three months I even lost over 55lbs. I felt so great that I came up with a business plan to turn my little miracle juicer into a money making opportunity. Once I started on my venture….

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Create Your Own Juicing Business

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