2009 year, no one can say worldwide Financial Whether the crisis has bottomed out, in an extremely severe economic situation, as the leading export-oriented economy characteristics of economic regions, Dalian Development Zone, has withstood the test of early September this year, the economy has been showing a steady rise of the social good situation. On this basis, the Development Zone has paid attention to implementation and seek practical results, as at the end of this year’s 10, 31 industrialization projects started on schedule, the actual foreign investment 740 million U.S. dollars in place, all of the area in Dalian (city) County ranked first .

Break the economic indicators showed a warming trend
Last year by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the global financial crisis on the world economy is becoming more profound, to the Dalian Development Zone has also brought more hit. Affected industrial production, export orders decreased processing enterprises, projects into the area, slower injection.

In the harsh economic situation, in 2009, the development zone actively respond to the challenges of the financial crisis, of pressure as the driving force of the crisis into opportunity, pay close attention to key, go all out to increase security to protect people’s livelihood and maintaining stability . Current economic indicators show the region pick up the trend. Intel and other key projects as planned, a number of large-scale enterprises started to order the 5% to 10% of the rate of increase in staff induction and for a time appeared to resume tightening labor conditions. Industrial electricity, water, gas consumption increased steadily.

31 major projects Grasp investment work to ensure the project affects growth. As of the end of this year’s 10, has 31 industrial projects started on schedule, pay close attention to foreign capital in place. Established the 100 leading cadres 100 key enterprise system, improve project introduction?? Building?? Production?? Later managed one-stop service system so that attract foreign capital increased steadily in the face of adversity.

52 billion investment Accelerate the pace of infrastructure to ensure growth stimulating investment. Far zone has been completed infrastructure and public services invested 5.2 billion throughout the year more than the financial capital invested 6 billion yuan. Currently the first batch of Liaoning coastal economic zone into six industrial park in the Harbor Industrial Zone Dagushan supporting the four areas is nearing completion.

6 support policies Support policies introduced in order to optimize the environment and sustain economic growth. System has made a “financial crisis response policy catalog” and introduced “promote the development of modern service industry Interim Provisions” and six support policy, issued a “discount capital industry project management practices” and other four reform measures, a one-time MC discount and reduction of expenses for enterprise funds nearly 200 million yuan.

110 teachers Promote the development of social undertakings, in order to strengthen the growth of people’s livelihood security. Improved Calf Ridge Park, Sports Park, open to the public. Start a prestigious project in the open recruitment of teachers on the basis of 55, and then recruit 55 graduates to enrich teachers. Start the integration of urban and rural social and health services pilot project. Increased employment and reemployment efforts.

Results before the end of the 33 foreign investment projects will be stationed
Crisis moves to achieve results in practical work, 1 October 2009, the development zone in place the total number of 740 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital, the city ranked first. 78 newly approved projects (including the replenishment of the item 37), from the point of view into the capital structure, industrial projects accounted for 96% of the total amount into the capital, the situation is better utilization of foreign capital. Mitsubishi Heavy

Forklift, Borg Warner, Se-jin industry, the East to help ship machines, FAW big new customer Energy Bus, Fu Jia Dahua, and other key industrial projects in 31 starts; Toshiba TV , Ryobi Die Casting orders than the same period last year more than 1 times, Nidec orders fell 30 percent from the year rose to 80% over the same period last year; 1 to 10 months, the region of newly employed 6285 people to achieve to complete the whole Indicators of 114.27 percent; re-employment of 3214 people, complete index of 100.44 percent; stable employment 3574 people, complete index of 129.96 percent; 36 business leaders to complete the target of 102.86%.

End of the year will be stationed in 33 foreign investment projects, 15 capital projects within the contract or the floor, ensure the completion of municipal government issued two billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital actually in place, the introduction of outside capital five billion yuan in Dalian and strive to work for 60 billion task.

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