Dollar rally here to stay as improving US economy stirs rate hike debate: poll
LONDON (Reuters) – The dollar's rally looks set to continue, according to a Reuters poll, as the U.S. economy is picking up smartly and raising market speculation about how soon the Fed will have to lift interest rates. Analysts in Reuters polls have …
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The World May Be in Flames, but the US Economy Is Finally Catching Fire
Amid the geopolitical unrest, there one's shining beacon of good news to get optimistic about: After a weather- and inventory-related drag in the first quarter, the American economy is charging ahead in a big way. According to the folks at Cornerstone …
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Shoddy US roads and bridges take a toll on the economy
U.S. spending for transportation and other infrastructure accounts for 2.4% of its economy versus about 12% for China, says economist David Dollar, a former China director for the World Bank. Europe's infrastructure spending is about 5%. Dollar, now …
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