DRONES over US AirSpace – Maker wonders why people are so CONCERNED. Drones are becoming more and more a part of the way America does business – they have been used in modern day warfare to target those believed to be dangerous or a threat to the security of the United States, but very soon they will be a permanent fixture on America’s landscape. The FAA has been adopting new rules to expand the use of small drones domestically, and by 2012 UAVs are expected to dominate the country’s airspace. Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation brings his take on whether Americans should worry about what law enforcement is doing. A polarizing debate is emerging over whether the unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as “drones,” should be allowed into US airspace for use by local law enforcement and private businesses. “No longer a tool used strictly by the military to take out terrorists overseas, drones of all shapes and sizes will soon be in our skies here at home for surveillance missions by local police departments, energy companies looking to build pipelines and farmers looking to feed thirsty crops,” CNET’s Jeff Glor reported Wednesday. Drone technology may already be a billion-dollar industry, but as Ryan Gallagher blogged Tuesday for Slate, “One of the most significant barriers the industry faces is undoubtedly public opposition. There are critics on all sides of the political spectrum. In the United States, that includes not only campaign groups like the

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