East Baton Rouge Real Estate Home Sales Report Aug 2011 vs Aug 2012 Market Videos on www.batonrougehousingreports.com . Welcome to your monthly market update for East Baton Rouge Cumulative Let’s take a look at All Single Family market activity in your area during the month of August 2012. ACTIVE INVENTORY 2011-2012 The Number of Active Listings Was Down 8 percent From 1 Year Earlier from 3416 to 3158 August 2011 vs August 2012. And down 3 percent from the previous month. The average months supply of inventory is down 15.1 percent year over year. This smaller inventory means that buyers who waited to buy may have had a smaller selection to choose from. MEDIAN LISTING PRICE 2011-2012. As you can see, the median listing price for the month was just over 6450, 00 higher than in August 2011 or a 1 percent increase. DAYS ON MARKET 2011-2012. Compared to last year, the average number of days homes remained on the market before being sold is down 6 percent from 111 to 105 days. This lower number of days may signal a positive trend in the local inventory turnover rate. MEDIAN SALES PRICE 2011-2012. Meanwhile, the Median Sales Price was 6000 indicating a 4 percent increase from August 2011 at 9740. UNITS SOLD 2011-2012. Overall, the number of homes sold decreased 13 percent year over year from 397 to 344. And, Decreased down 16% from the previous month from 408 to 344 sales. Fewer sales may be indicating more opportunity for buyers to negotiate better sales terms. Or

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