This is the VOA Special English Economics Report, from This year’s Consumer Electronics Show opened January seventh in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is the world’s biggest technology trade show. More than three hundred companies presented more than twenty thousand new products. The goals are to build excitement, make deals and get good reviews in the media. Industry sales dropped eight percent last year during the recession. Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association, predicted that one area of strong sales this year will be mobile phones. That includes fifty-two million smartphones expected to be sold in the United States. Smartphones run applications and access the Internet. Google is launching the Nexus One — which it calls a “superphone.” This is its first attempt to sell its own device. The Nexus One will compete with Apple’s popular iPhone. Apple is reportedly about to introduce a new digital tablet. Tablets are easy-to-hold screens that let you read and watch media or search the Web. An example is the Amazon Kindle. Like netbooks, tablets cost less than traditional laptop computers. But that can also mean smaller profits for manufacturers and sellers. Companies like Sony and Panasonic are introducing new television sets for watching three-dimensional TV. A three-D TV costs more than three thousand dollars. Americans are expected to buy four million of them this year. Sports broadcaster ESPN and the Discovery Channel plan

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