www.ellismartinreport.com Ellis Martin interviews David Duval of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. David Duval is a 40-year veteran of the Canadian minerals industry. He served a decade as Western Editor for the largest weekly mining publication in the world before forming his own consulting company in 1990. As a Technical Advisor to the United Nations and Royal Government of Thailand, he coordinated the feasibility study for the 0 million Association of Southeast Asian Nations potash project in Thailand. Mr. Duval is a recognized authority on the Canadian diamond industry having co-authored “New Frontiers in Mining” in 1996 David serves as Special Advisor to Jim Sinclair, the President and CEO of sponsor company Tanzanian Royalty trading on the NYSE as TRX. Tanzanian Royalty is developing an advanced stage gold project in Tanzania in partnership with the State Mining Corporation of Tanzania. David and Mr. Sinclair co-founded the online newsletter,jsmineset.com, in 2003 which offers free commentary on gold and currency markets and is a traffic leader in its market segment. Ellis Martin recently had the pleasure of visiting with him at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. http www.jsmineset.cm http

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