EMAIL MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESS by eMail Marketing is – Cost effective – only around 3c a send! – Helps drive direct sales – Builds customer relationships and loyalty – Track your open rates and click throughs Right now you could be doing what allot of small businesses are, simply sending your mass emails via their mail client (outlook, apple mail, gmail etc). Now this is fine for your hip pocket but not so great for return on investment. Consider this, how much is it really costing you when your emails are sitting in your customer’s junk folder, never to be seen? Ok you see my point but you’re thinking “how can you know that my emails are ending up being marked as spam?” Standard email clients do not provide tracking and reporting for you to understand your database. You need to be in control of your relationship with your customer (database management) and not be at the mercy of a junk folder. SBMCo can provide you with amazing insights into your eMail Marketing campaign that your standard mail clients just cannot provide you, including but not limited to: 1. How many people opened your eMail marketing 2. What links were clicked in the eMail campaign. Learn the business content your customers love and give them more of it. 3. Who unsubscribed to ensure you do not pester them again in the future 4. How you compare to competitors within your industry 5. Reports on if you were marked as spam 6. Custom HTML designed templates (no

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