A very momentous party was held at the first Anniversary of Weekly Newspaper Loho-o-Qalam International Abbottabad here in Alpine Hotel on Friday 30th March 2012. Participants are giving there views about the efforts and success of this weekly paper specially launched for the education sector later on open for other news coverage also. Watch more details about it in this vide. HCP is the first online portal of Hazara, KPK, Pakistan. HCP provides latest videos, pictures, news, articles, educational institutions reviews, politics reviews, personality interviews, forums, polls, blogs, music reviews, online classifieds, business and industry information, gifts, overseas Pakistanis, jobs, tourism, and hazara food trends. HCP group services include IT services, travel and tourism, video production and video editing services, online jobs and recruitment, HCP consultants, content writing, classifieds, news, gifts, and marketing and advertising. IF you want to subscribe to HCP SMS service please click on the following link to Subscribe. www.hazara.com.pk Also join us on Facebook, YouTube and twitter. Thanks HCP ( Hazara.com.pk)..

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