I’m Carolyn Presutti with the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, from voaspecialenglish.com | http Food companies say a new kind of maize could take the crunch out of corn chips and other popular foods. The big Swiss company Syngenta genetically engineered the maize to contain an enzyme called alpha amylase. The company says this enzyme will help the crop produce more ethanol, a renewable fuel, while using less water and energy. Syngenta official Jack Bernens says the enzyme breaks the starch down into sugar which then is fermented into ethanol. A two thousand seven law requires gasoline in the United States to contain renewable fuels. About forty percent of America’s corn crop is being used this year to make ethanol. The Department of Agriculture has approved the genetically modified maize without restrictions. But five major groups in the food industry say they are concerned that the new maize could enter the food supply. In a joint statement they say the enzyme that breaks down starch could harm the taste of their products. For example, they say it might soften cereals and cause corn chips to lose their satisfying crunch. Mary Waters heads one of those food groups, the North American Millers’ Association. She says even a small amount of the maize could cause problems if it mixes with corn used to make food. Snack foods made with corn are a six-billion-dollar industry in the United States.In two thousand one, genetically modified corn made by Syngenta was found in

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