No Water! No Crops. No Food! Economic Crisis. Massive Global Starvation… The Rule of Murderous Three: 1) You can’t go without air for more then three minutes. 2) You can’t go without water for more then three days. 3) You can’t go without food for more then three months. …or you perish! Tomorrow’s Headlines: Economic SuperStorm Strikes USA with Great Dust Bowl! The Great Depression is come to America again: Just like it started before, with the Oklahoma Great Dust Bowl that shut down Congress in the 1930. The massive dust cloud blotted out the sun and it was as thought pitch black of night! The massive black cloud spurred Congress to the start of massive land conservation across the USA. It’s the Perfect Upcoming Global Economic SuperStorm: First Strike! Next see famine rise; malnutrition and famine in the Third World, resulting in Massive Global Death Tolls. This Super-Storm is even more devastating than the one in the 1920’s-1930’s because of the globalist agenda to link all the economies together. One falls, and like dominoes, they all come tumbling down! Expect war, famine and economic carnage to ensue on unprecedented scale from Bankers Corruption and untold Rapacious Greed World-Wide. To survive it’s: Like Trying to Outrun a Tsunami! Like trying to outrun: Four Horseman of the Economic Apocalypse: Plague Drought Malnutrition Pestilence A Professional Economist gives you a alarming account of the unfolding Great

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