This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report from | http Some people in the Netherlands are spending three hundred thirty thousand dollars — on a hamburger. The people are scientists at the University of Maastricht. They want to prove that they can make a hamburger that tastes good and does not require an animal to be killed.Researcher Mark Post and his team have been growing muscle-tissue cells in a laboratory with muscle taken from a cow. He says, “We have committed ourselves to make a couple of thousand of these small tissues and then assemble them into a hamburger.” Several teams around the world are trying to produce meat without killing animals. So far the Dutch team appears to have made the most progress. Mr. Post says he wants to show that the world’s growing demand for meat could be satisfied more efficiently and with less harm to the environment. He says he is driven by care for the environment and food production for the world, and an interest in “life-transforming technologies.” Seth Tibbott is the founder of Turtle Island Foods in Hood River, Oregon. His company makes a vegetarian turkey substitute called Tofurky. Mr. Tibbott says the idea of a hamburger made in a lab sounds “pretty disgusting.” Tofurky is made from tofu. Tofu is made with soybeans. The company estimates that about three percent of Americans are vegetarian. Many others are known within the industry as “sometimes vegetarians” or “flexi-tarians,” says Mr. Tibbott

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