WhoisWalters.com 1. The Economy is challenging everybody. As the economy drops off people turn to other alternatives thus causing a trend in the home business industry and network marketing. Most people like to rely on themselves comes as a natural tendency. When people loose their job, Or have the fear of loosing their job, or simply just need more income to provide for their family, they start looking additional sources of incomes. The internet has made researching business opportunities infinitely easier. A home business can be great way to change the way you make an income. 2. Starting a Home Business is Very Affordable. When comparing with the cost of starting a brick and mortar business as known as a traditional small business, the start up costs for a home business are very low. The upfront costs are typically a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Compare that cost to starting a franchise or a restaurant, where it typically cost several hundred thousand dollars. Most people looking to supplement or replace their income do not have that kind of capital available. http 3. A Home Business Can Run on Your Schedule. The business can be run from home, working a few hours a day, while still employed at a job. The skills needed to build the business can be learned while still working a day job. Once the business income exceeds your jobs income you can make a decision to either quit your job or start a full-time business. When you start the business you can do everything

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