www.4socialmediamarketing.com This week, Tammy Adams talks about what Google Analytics is and how it can benefit your marketing plan. In next week’s video Tammy teaches you how to install Google Analytics, Google XML, and the Google Dashboard. If you are a Realtor who needs help with WordPress websites, please email Tammy{at}StratusSocialMedia.com. Thanks for watching this week’s video, and please subscribe to our channel to see more informative videos to help put your real estate social media marketing campaign on steroids. Stratus Social Media – Your Social Media Virtual Assistant – is offering a free real estate marketing plan for 2012 to all Realtors. This real estate marketing plan will give Realtors a blueprint to follow in 2012 that will help Realtors to get more buyer and seller leads so that Realtors can grow their real estate business. This is the first of a weekly series of videos for Realtors. Every week, Stratus will post another video that will give Realtors tips on how to use social media and other technology based tools to help generate more leads and more real estate sales. Realtors, quit using social media for only fun. Start using social media platforms to grow your real estate business. Let Stratus Social Media help you make 2012 your most productive year in the real estate industry. http

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