– Rated four out of five stars by CNET reviews, the EZ real-time vehicle tracker from LiveViewGPS offers instant plug-and-play GPS monitoring and notifications at a price that can’t be beat! What sets the EZ apart? Lighting-fast, dangerously accurate 1, 5 or 10 second location updates combined with powerful reporting and alert features in the easiest to use portable vehicle tracker you’ll ever own. This tracker is made for vehicles 1997 or later. It uses your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic Port (originally designed to help technicians diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle problems) as an electrical power source. Simply plug the EZ in to the port and it’s ready to go in seconds! There are no wires to worry about and no batteries to replace. Once plugged in, the EZ is hidden from casual view. And it’s easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. These features and more make the EZ ideal for small business users and families monitoring teen and elderly drivers and other loved ones. Track your EZ in a single step with 100% web-based monitoring and high-resolution mapping! Simply log on to the LiveViewGPS Live Trac tracking platform from any web-enabled computer or mobile device, such as a smart phone or ipad, and you’re instantly connected, watching your vehicle move — live! There’s no software to install, and iPhone and Android apps are also available. Our feature-rich system also allows you choose from over 20 different reports and multiple auto text and email alerts. When you

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