The Grand Canyon in the Southwest state of Arizona is one of the seven natural wonders in the world. Carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years, the colorful gorge is over 400 kilometers long and is 24 kilometers across at its widest point. Now visitors to this popular tourist destination have a new way to experience the breathtaking views of the canyon. The horseshoe-shaped skywalk extends 21 meters over the Grand Canyon’s edge, creating a unique vantage point for visitors to look deep down into the chasm and the winding Colorado River 1200 meters below. David Jin, the developer of the skywalk project, recalls his Grand Canyon experience that brought about the idea. “It was back in 1996,” says Jin. “I took a helicopter tour at (the) Grand Canyon from the bottom to the top. After that, I wondered what it would be like to walk among the cliffs. Therefore, the idea of skywalk was born.” While Jin will profit from the million project for 25 years, the Hualapai Indians, who agreed to building the skywalk on their land along the Grand Canyon’s western rim hope income from tourists will help alleviate poverty in their community. Sheri Yellowhawk is the CEO of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation, which oversees the tribe’s tourism business. Skywalk is expected to be the centerpiece of the Hualapai Indians’ tourism industry which includes helicopter tours, river rafting, a cowboy town and a museum of Indian replica homes. After three years of construction, the

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