HOPKINTON TOWN COUNCIL MEETING — February 6, 2012 BUSINESS AGENDA Town Hall, 1 Town House Road, Hopkinton, RI 02833 7:00 PM Call to Order — Moment of silent meditation and a salute to the Flag. HEARINGS Earth Removal Ordinance Open a hearing on a proposed ordinance entitled “Earth Removal Ordinance” introduced and sponsored by Councilors Thompson, Buck & Capalbo. The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the Town of Hopkinton by minimizing the impact of heavy truck traffic on Hopkinton neighborhoods; preventing damage to roads and bridges within the Town; protecting the quality of surface water, groundwater and other natural resources; controlling fugitive dust, air pollution and noise emissions; and effecting registration requirements within the town for removal of earth as defined in this article to implement the goals and objectives of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Council discussion/public comment. Motion to continue hearing or close hearing and set date to consider adoption of the ordinance. MOTION TO SIT AS A LICENSING BOARD Commercial Haulers License Renewal Open a hearing on renewal of the following Commercial Haulers License continued from January 17, 2012: CWPM, LLC, 29 Jefferson Ave., PO Box 22, New London, CT. Application and filing fee received/notice posted. Discussion. Decision. MOTION TO ADJOURN AS LICENSING BOARD AND RECONVENE AS COUNCIL CONSENT AGENDA Approve Town Council Meeting Minutes of

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