Are you wondering why your business needs content? When you produce high-quality content, it’s a gift to your audience that they appreciate. If you think of your business as a rocket, content is the fuel that moves it forward. Be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV where I’ll share 6 awesome ways to grow your business with content and take it to the stratosphere. There are two different types of content to fuel your business: primary fuel and nuclear fuel. Primary Fuel This is the content you produce regularly to attract people to your business. Here are some different types of primary fuel: #1: How-to articles How-to articles, such as 21 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase, are great resources for your readers. Be sure to provide details, give screenshots to illustrate things clearly and tell people exactly what to do. This way, your audience will want to share your content. #2: Expert interviews The right experts have valuable content for your audience. One example of this on Social Media Examiner is my interview with Guy Kawasaki. Remember to both record and transcribe your interview to share it in multiple formats with your audience. #3: Case studies Share stories of the people who are doing great things in your industry. Have a look at the story of Logos Bible Software we recently published. #4: Breaking news Your audience appreciates good sources of breaking news. Think about doing a weekly wrap-up of the hot news of the week like we

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