Sewing Machine Repair – Do It Yourself and Business Guide

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My name is Tony Asef and I have been in the sewing machine repair business for 25.  I started with very little knowledge of how to repair sewing machines. Unfortunately there were no books available then to learn the business! And, today, there is still very little you can find to teach you this business. So, now that I am an experienced sewing machine repair expert, I have decided to write a book containing all my hard-earned knowledge and tricks-of-the-trade in this book.  I want others to be able to learn how to repair sewing machines on their own – even at home – or to be able to start their own sewing machine repair business.

Today, repairing sewing machines is a fast growing business worldwide.  Statistics show that there is tremendous growth in the number of women who make their own clothing and the closing for their families. Figures show that there are over 89 million women in America who sew. The growth in this number has come about because of the high cost of clothing today and the low quality of imports. Many are making nearly all of the clothes for their families. Today sewing machine repair specialists are in high demand. And this is the perfect time to start a sewing machine repair business. My “How To Repair Sewing Machines” book includes…

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How To Repair Sewing Machines

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