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Hudiburg Subaru recently hosted a pet adoption at its dealership through the Central Oklahoma Humane Society on December 13 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event allowed residents from the local community to come into the dealership where there were both dogs and cats available to adopt. Members from the Humane Society also provided vaccinations and microchips for all adopted animals, as well as pets that were brought in by their owners. Altogether, 37 dogs and cats were placed in new homes and 160 pets received vaccinations and microchips, according to the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

While it was important to find homes for the many animals residing at the shelter, distributing vaccinations and microchips to both adopted animals and those whose owners stopped by the event was also an invaluable service provided by the Humane Society at Hudiburg Subaru’s adoption event. Just as vaccinations help to protect humans from deadly yet preventable diseases, they can help make pets more immune to a number of different life-threatening diseases. This is particularly important for dogs and cats who spend time outdoors.

Microchipping is another important prevention measure that allows animal shelters and veterinary clinics to identify lost pets that are taken to their businesses. This simple procedure involves placing a small, rice-sized microchip under the skin between the shoulder blades of dogs and cats. The chip contains identification information for the pet, including their owner’s name and contact information. Missing pets that have a microchip can be scanned to show veterinarians or animal shelter workers who the pet belongs to, ensuring they make it home safe and sound.

Hudiburg Subaru is one of the many Subaru dealerships across the nation participating in the company-wide “Share the Love” event that supports four major national charities, as well as local charities in each dealership’s own community. Central Oklahoma Humane Society is Hudiburg Subaru’s local charity of choice for the “Share the Love” event.

“We’ve been doing this event for about three years now and it’s become an annual event. This year was a resounding success from people who came; everyone who wanted a pet got one and things went very smoothly,” said Shane Romee, sales manager at Hudiburg Subaru.

Although the pet adoption has already passed, car shoppers can still participate in the “Share the Love” event by purchasing a vehicle or stopping by the Hudiburg Subaru dealership to make a donation by January 2.

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