A short history and documentary of one the fastest growing high performance PVC Single-Ply roofing membranes in the industry. Join us as we explain our journey from our beginnings to a nation wide roofing manufacturer. Our History, In 1978 IB Roof Systems had the foresight to promote thermoplastic roofing membranes that were foreign to the roofing industry and not as yet readily accepted. Through this foresight and vision IB Roof Systems has joined what has become the fastest growing segment in the roofing industry. What started as a back of the home business in sow a multi-million dollar business with a regional manufacturing facitlity in Eugene, OR and Dallas, TX. Our goal, Our goal is to obtain a significant presence in the industry, so that IB Roof Systems will be a viable and powerful option anytime a low-pitched roofing project is discussed. Our commitment, Our roofing systems shall be developed with renowned quality. So much so that they will become a standard or benchmark that will demand others to follow, at a cost that can be grasped by the market. We will never lower our standards or quality to meet or join a race to be the lowest cost product. The quality of our membrane will caue others to fal short due to comparison., Our Market, Market changes in institutional and commercial facilities in the past two decases include a growing desire to minimize environmental impact and cut energy related costs to learn more go to www.ibroof.com/green . These changes have

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