eBay FraudI would adore to see the scoundrels who cheated me becoming dragged off to jail! It’s even worse when the 3rd occasions who post statements like, “completely free paypal purchaser protection” or “If your buy isn’t covered by PayPal Purchaser Protection, then it is most most most likely covered by the eBay Regular Protection Technique which will cover you up to $200 (a lot much less a $25 service cost)”, then uncover loop holes to steer apparent of taking any duty or helping their customers who have been defrauded.

eBay finds by itself in lawsuits from defrauded customers as it fails to apparent up it’s auction company. Even eBay’s chosen supplier of dispute resolution, Square Trade, has arrive beneath fire from a plan action lawsuit. And, of , we all know about the issues at Paypal which is now owned by eBay. When will eBay smart up and begin critically policing its auction sellers?

You might keep in mind my rant a few months back on this weblog about my personal substantial losses to eBay fraudsters. These days eBay and Paypal gave me their final denials regarding my fraud complaints and attempts at partial restitution. I can almost correct right here Meg Whitman, eBay’s CEO, stating, “I see nothinnng – I know nothinnng”, in the words of television’s Sgt. Schultz. I couldn’t even get a response to my letter to her about my plight and monetary reduction. 1 feels caught in the sixty’s sitcom with all the denials and operating from duty.

eBay is just barely ten numerous years old and, admittedly, the present Internet auction king. With purchasers baulking, Yahoo auctions taking advantage of growing eBay costs and Google about to begin Google Base, how a lot lengthier can eBay stay quantity 1? Perhaps eBay’s days are not numbered but I suspect its hold on the leading spot will arrive beneath some substantial issues in the coming yr.

As for myself, I’m totally disillusioned with the entire eBay/Paypal understanding. I’ll be closing my eBay and Paypal accounts in the subsequent few of days for great. In the words of my personal little sitcom quote, “Fool me as soon as and shame on you – Fool me twice and shame on me.” How about you?

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