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“Alter We Can Think In” cries the Obama mantra. Wouldn’t the globe be fantastic if we could just elect the correct President a peaceful understanding President and give him a Congress that supports his each and and and every transfer for the Alter he expounds? We could resolve the terrorist problem. We could remedy the globe of hatred. Our power problems and nicely becoming therapy problems would melt absent and, oh, life would be so sweet! What a fantastic dream Obama would have the voters think he would provide!

But, that’s all it is – a dream. And not a realistic dream at that.

Barack Obama is a marvelous orator with a whit and eloquence that grabs one’s attention. His speeches are total of the general but ly missing in the particular. Has he discovered that voters are swayed a lot a lot more with eloquent oratory aimed at their individual and political frustrations and specifications rather than at situational truths and realistic positions?

It appears Barack Obama has a close romantic romantic relationship with Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts who won workplace utilizing similar oratory. The two apparently frequently trade rhetoric they have discovered shifting and efficient. Does that imply Obama’s rousing speeches are just efficient rhetorical prose created in general terms by a number of writers to inspire his present audience with little substance of policy or actuality? It appears that, at minimal sometimes, this is the scenario. Inform your audience what they want to listen to and they will comply with you anyplace.

To get at the actuality, 1 specifications to slice by way of the rhetoric and grandeur from Barack Obama’s speeches and depend on prior statements and actions to separate the man from the oratory. This indicates tossing out the rhetoric and looking at his historical actions and record. Furthermore, the record ought to be in contrast to present policy statements for truthfulness. So, lets seem at some nicely acknowledged and some not so nicely acknowledged comparisons.

1. NOW: Obama says he is a new type of politician not stooping to dirty tricks to win elections.

THEN: As a neighborhood organizer Obama was labeled as a all-all-all-all-natural to “rub raw the sores of discontent….”. In Obama’s preliminary Illinois senate race he utilized “Chicago Rules” to invalidate adequate of the voting petition signatures of three of his Democrat challengers to successfully preserve them off the ballot, such as incumbent Alice Palmer, enabling him to run unopposed.

two. NOW: Obama says he is a Christian with Christian beliefs and ideals.

THEN: Obama’s father and step-father had been both Muslim. Obama even invested several years of his youth in a Muslim atmosphere in Indonesia.
And as a politician, Obama has employed and nonetheless employs several “Nation of Islam” members and has ties to radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.
Obama stated in a 2004 interview about his faith that, “I think there are a number of paths to the precise same location, and that is a belief that there is a higher energy…..” Right Christians know the only route to heaven is by way of Jesus Christ.
Lastly, Obama’s fifty percent-brother says Barack grew up a Muslim.

three. NOW: Obama claims to comprehend how to re-invigorate the sluggish monetary program. Correct right here are his outrageous Obamanomics policies.

POLICY: Obama will try to apply socialist policies to our monetary program.

four. NOW: Obama claims to be patriotic.

THEN: Obama refuses to place on lapel U.S. flag pin, sits in black liberal church listening to hate speech for a lot a lot more than twenty several years and a lot a lot more.

5. NOW: Obama doesn’t have a offer with on actual globe particulars.

THEN: He has created remarkable Gaffs displaying a hazardous lack of understanding of essential problems.

6. NOW: Obama claims to be a potent supporter of Israel in her struggle to survive.

THEN: The L.A. Occasions says, “Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama…..” When asked if he believed Israel represented a drag on America’s standing overseas, Obama said: “No, no, no. But what I think is that this continuous wound, that this continuous sore, does infect all of our foreign policy…..”

7. NOW: Obama would be the most liberal President ever before prior to on abortion.

THEN: Obama promised that legalizing unrestricted abortion, such as partial birth abortion, would be his first objective as President. It would appear he also supports infanticide.
Spouse Michelle defends the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion.

eight. NOW: Obama ends 1 individual association following the subsequent.

THEN: They say that to know somebody uncover out who his pals are. Obama distances himself from convicted felon Tony Rezko who raised hundreds of 1000’s of bucks for Obama’s campaigns and with whom he had questionable actual estate transactions.
Obama breaks his twenty yr ties with two acknowledged radical MENTORS Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger.
Obama has a number of radical friends and individual associations with the likes of Bill Ayers (unrepentant Weatherman Underground bomber), ACORN (radical pro-Marxist organization), other communist ties, ties to Rashid Khalidi and other radical associations.

9. NOW: Obama claims to have a new outlook on U.S. foreign policy that will restore American credibility.

Reality: Nonetheless, experts dispute the intelligence of his policy statements. Suppose Obama permits Iran to get nukes and they attack Israel or arm terrorists with them as they have eluded they would do.

10. NOW: Obama says he will reduce military spending, downsize our military and slow the improvement of new weapons methods.

Hazardous: The globe is becoming a lot a lot more dangerous and a number of nations would like to see the U.S. drop. China is aggressively expanding it’s military and a lot a lot more counties are acquiring weapons of mass destruction. We require to preserve our technological edge in defense a lot more than the these powers to preserve our citizens secure.

eleven. NOW: Obama claims he is a uniter and will carry out with Republicans and Democrats alike to fix Washington.

THEN: Obama’s record exhibits him to be a strictly liberal celebration line Senator and he has created no function to carry out across celebration lines.

twelve. NOW: Obama says on taking workplace he will start an investigation into the Bush administration for war crimes and violations of law.

Impact: Investigating a prior Presidential administration by a sitting President is unheard of and would set a hazardous precedent of political gotcha from the White Home.

13. NOW: Obama hit on a way to out improve his opponents in the donations game supplying him a spending advantage and rejecting the Presidential Public Funding Program.

THEN: Obama openly promised John McCain that he would take part in the Presidential Public Funding Program to preserve marketing campaign spending honest and inside reasonable bounds. He is breaking that promise.

14. NOW: Obama and his Democrat colleagues don’t think the U.S. ought to open regions that contains huge oil and gasoline reserves to drilling.

Impact: Gasoline costs have rocketed to $four.00 a gallon and most Americans are feeling the discomfort. It is not most likely that Obama will allow drilling in the wealthy oil fields acknowledged to exist in ANWAR and the continental shelves. 85% of the acknowledged U.S. oil reserves have been placed off-limits to drilling by a liberal Congress.

15. NOW: Every candidates help cap and trade proposals to deal with international warming. Obama and the Democrats will definitely pass cap & trade legislation if he is elected.

Impact: Cap and trade is an extraordinary boondoggle. It is believed that it would price the American taxpayer trillions of bucks in higher merchandise costs and 1000’s of misplaced function. Furthermore, a lot more than 9,000 PHD researchers have signed a petition supplying study displaying that man created international warming does not exist. It is a scientific actuality that CO2 from fossil fuels is not making international warming. The actuality is lastly coming out about the propaganda pushed by Al Gore.

1 a lot a lot more element on international warming. The sun has an eleven yr sunspot cycle supplying a lot a lot more power when sunspots are energetic. Nonetheless, the present cycle is acting odd in that sunspots are not returning on time. A couple of of hundred several years back sunspots nearly vanished from the sun’s surface for decades. All through that time time period, the earth cooled substantially producing what was termed “the little ice age”. There is problem that we might be about to enter an additional big chill. (a lot a lot more on this in a lengthy term tale)

16. NOW: Obama desires to improve taxes on the “rich” and on businesses.

Impact: Corporate taxes are, by nature, handed by way of to the customer in the way of higher costs and U.S. businesses are presently taxed at the second greatest price of any nation in the industrialized globe. Raising corporate taxes additional and, consequently, raising costs to clients would only hurt the American public and make U.S. businesses a lot much less aggressive overseas.
Raising taxes on the wealthy ( i.e. mainly little business proprietors) would just pile on the presently overtaxed upper middle course. In accordance to data from the Congressional Spending spending budget Workplace tax rolls in the most present yr obtainable, 2005, breaks down like this:

Revenue Bracket — Pays This Proportion of All Individual Revenue Taxes
Top 1% ———– 38.eight%
Top twenty% ——— 86.three%
Top forty% ——— 99,four%
Bottom sixty% —- 00.6%

It is painfully apparent that these producing a lot more than $sixty,000 per yr (roughly the top forty%) presently invest nearly the whole revenue tax burden. With an monetary program that is struggling with higher oil costs and a possible recession, this is not the time to be growing taxes on anybody.

This is just a hand total of the problems we would face with an Obama Presidency. There are a lot a lot more. It is apparent to a number of that Mr. Obama is not of the caliber to occupy the oval workplace. In actuality, Obama most most most likely wouldn’t even be in a position to get a work at the FBI with his track record.

We, The Voters, Can’t Permit This Man To Occupy The Oval Workplace!

To obtain a completely totally free “NOBAMA” bumper sticker, deliver your request together with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to

NOBAMA Completely Bumper Sticker
c/o Ted Jackson
2306 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

- Soldier On Iraq War -

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