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Obama’s 20 Yr Buddy
Bill Ayers
Barack Obama says Bill Ayers is just a neighbor who lives down the road. His internet website says, “…they had been not close to.” Obama’s advertising campaign says he didn’t know about Ayers previous. But, did you know Michelle Obama worked at a law firm with Bernardine Dohrn 20-1 several years back? Bernadine Dohrn is Bill Ayers spouse and co-terrorist of the 1970’s radical group, Nearby climate Underground, that bombed and killed Americans.

Both Ayers and Dohrn have informed Connie Chung in an interview that they are not repentant for their terrorist bombings of federal buildings and the houses of judges such as the resulting murders. They even stated they are NOT sorry for their actions and want they had carried out a lot a lot more.

Barack Obama says he just retains operating into Bill Ayers on the road, on charitable boards and even in Bill Ayres residing region.

We know Michelle Obama realized Bernardine Dohrn all via her time at Sidley Austin, a law firm that also employed Dohrn. It is the precise precise same law firm precisely exactly where Michelle met Barack in 1988. We do not know the extent of the romantic relationship Mrs. Obama had with Dohrn merely simply because she will not speak about it.

We know that Barack Obama kicked off his political profession at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in 1995.

We know that also in 1995 Barack Obama was picked by Bill Ayers to serve as the chairman of the board of The Chicago Annenberg Challenge that was created by Ayers. Ayers headed the action arm of the board. The CAC was established at the University of Illinois and was meant to additional Chicago schooling. Rather, Ayers and Obama spent the foundation’s $1 hundred million bucks on outside organizations that supported Ayers radical social justice teachings.

We know that Barack Obama and Bill Ayers spoke collectively in 1997 at a University of Chicago conference on juvenile justice set up by Michelle Obama and appeared collectively at other public events. Ayers even wrote a guide about juvenile justice and received a “rave review” from Obama, in accordance to the New York Occasions

And, we know that Barack Obama and Bill Ayers had been co-directors on the board of the Woods Foundation of Chicago from 1999 to 2001. They provided funds to the Israel hating group the Arab American Action Network while on that board.

Barack Obama has a quantity of a lot a lot more radical associations, some of whom I stage out in my NObama publish.

Do we really want a far left Senator who has such efficient ties to terrorists and radicals to be our President? I think not and frankly I am extremely astonished that voters seem to be blind to who Obama has chosen to be his pals, mentors and associates.

FLASH: We have just discovered that Obama was a member of the “New Party”. The New Party was a radical left-wing organization that started in 1992 and was forced to disband by a Supreme Court ruling in 1998. It’s mission was to use a method acknowledged as “fusion” to transfer the Democrat Celebration additional to the left.

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