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(PRWEB) August 18, 2014

The report “Breast Imaging Technologies Market (Analog Mammography, Digital Mammography, Tomosynthesis, Positron Emission Mammography, PET/CT, MBI, Breast MRI, Ultrasound, Optical Imaging, Whole Breast Ultrasound, Breast Thermography) – Global Forecasts to 2019” analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World (RoW).

Browse 86 tables and 23 figures spread through 194 pages combined with an in-depth TOC on “Breast Imaging Technologies Market (Analog Mammography, Digital Mammography, Tomosynthesis, Positron Emission Mammography, PET/CT, MBI, Breast MRI, Ultrasound, Optical Imaging, Whole Breast Ultrasound, Breast Thermography) – Global Forecasts to 2019″ –

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This report studies the global breast imaging technologies market over the forecast period from 2014 to 2019. The market is expected to reach $ 3 billion by 2019, at CAGR of 8.1% from 2014 to 2019.

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The global breast imaging technologies market is classified into two major segments, namely, ionizing breast imaging technologies and non-ionizing breast imaging technologies. The ionizing technologies segment is further categorized into analog mammography, full-field digital mammography, 3D breast tomosynthesis, positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT), molecular breast imaging (MBI), cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), and positron emission mammography (PEM). Likewise, non-ionizing technology market comprises breast MRI, breast ultrasound, optical imaging, whole breast ultrasound, and breast thermography.

A number of factors such as growing public and private initiatives to increase awareness about early breast cancer screening, rising incidences of breast cancer, increasing demand for use of minimal or negligible doses of radiation, and rapid growth in aging population are driving the growth of the global breast imaging technologies market. On the other hand, factors such as side effects of exposure of radiations received during application of ionizing breast imaging technologies and high investment and installation costs are restricting the growth of the this market. However, increasing government investments in novel breast imaging technologies and emerging economies including India and China offer new growth opportunities for the market players.

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As of 2014, North America is estimated to hold the largest share of the global breast imaging technologies market, followed by Europe. However, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow at highest CAGR of 10.2% from 2014 to 2019. A number of factors including rising incidences of breast cancer, increasing focus on early screening of breast cancer, and development of healthcare infrastructure are stimulating the growth of the breast imaging technologies market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc. (U.S.), Dilon Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), Dune Medical Devices (U.S.), Gamma Medica, Inc. (U.S.), GE Healthcare (U.K.), Hologic, Inc. (U.S.), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands), Siemens AG (Germany), SonoCine, Inc. (U.S.), and Toshiba Corporation (Japan) are the major players in the global breast imaging technologies market.

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Every successful entrepreneur who makes thousands per day, does it by engaging in income producing activities. This is the only way you can make money on the internet. Everyone that follows a daily routine of taking action to engage in income producing activities, will make money for their efforts.

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Successful entrepreneurs all over the world prospect leads using various methods utilized on a daily basis. One method is emailing every lead on your list daily with new content you’re creating for them to use in their businesses. Make sure you’re creating content they can actually use right away. If your new content solves what ever agitation they are having with their business, you will establish trust with them and they will buy from you.

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Building Relationships

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Follow Up

Successful entrepreneurs always follow up with their leads to start the process of building the relationship between themselves and their new prospects. They utilize their leverage by following up on a daily basis by emailing or calling them on the phone. They know credibility cannot be established without first reaching out to say hello, thank you, or just for the purpose of introducing themselves to let their new prospects know that they are important and valued. No money has ever been made in this business without first following up with the people you are trying to turn into conversions.

Online Webinars

Successful entrepreneurs, no matter who they are or how they began, use online webinars as an effective method for creating leads and conversions all at the same time. Any new prospect that signs up for the webinar becomes a new lead instantly. If the subject matter in the webinar answers the problems the new lead is experiencing, he or she will buy from them turning their new lead into conversions for the successful entrepreneur. Either way, 100s of new leads can be created and turned into conversions using this method. In addition, this method is highly recommended by successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Eugene, Ore. (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Palo Alto Software, a creator of business planning and management dashboard software for small businesses, is partnering with America’s Small Business Development Centers to host a nationwide SBDC pitch competition, offering over $ 20,000 in cash and prizes to the winning SBDC.

Participants will use Palo Alto Software’s flagship business planning and small business management dashboard software, LivePlan, to develop a one-page business pitch. LivePlan allows users to formulate goals, budgets and forecasts, track performance metrics against those goals,using the LivePlan Scoreboard, a small business management dashboard.

“Through this competition, we hope to show the value in not only creating a quality one-page business plan, but also tracking key performance metrics against that plan to make sure your business stays on track,” said Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons. “The idea that all business plans are outdated simply isn’t true. Today, business plans can be agile, and are essential for both existing businesses looking to grow and startups looking to impress investors.”

Pitches will be evaluated based on their completeness, quality and clarity of pitch elements, perceived feasibility, identification of local small business challenges, and the intention to improve the small business landscape in their respective SBDC regions.

Parsons will serve as a judge on the panel along with Palo Alto Software President and Founder Tim Berry, and America’s SBDC President and CEO Charles “Tee” Rowe.

“LivePlan can really help small business get to the next level,” said Rowe. “This competition is all about helping them realize that goal. Anyone can have a great idea, but getting that idea across to a lender or investor is crucial. Win or lose, these entrepreneurs will be able to put together quality plans that will, without a doubt, help their businesses succeed in the long run.”

Entries are due on August 22 at midnight. Winners will be announced at America’s SBDC Conference in Texas on September 10. The winning pitch will receive $ 20,000 in cash and prizes.

Palo Alto Software and America’s SBDCs have been partnering to help entrepreneurs nationwide for over 20 years. To learn more about the competiiton and enter your business plan, please visit

About Palo Alto Software, Inc.

Palo Alto Software, Inc., makers of the #1 selling business planning software in the world, develops and publishes tools, products, and content to help small and midsized businesses pitch, plan, manage, and grow their ventures. LivePlan, the company’s flagship product, is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for business planning and financial management. Palo Alto Software has been the market leader in its category for over 15 years, has served well over 2 million entrepreneurs, and has customers in 180 countries. It was founded in 1988 by business planning expert Tim Berry. Sabrina Parsons has been the company’s CEO since 2007. Parsons successfully expanded its service offering into the cloud with LivePlan. Palo Alto Software is a privately-owned corporation based in Eugene, Oregon.

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