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Environmental Regulation and the U.S. Economy (RFF Press)

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7 Common Internet Home Business Mistakes

Many Online Gurus often tell you what you should do online with your internet home business websites but many do not tell you what not to do which is as important. In this article we will highlight the seven most common internet home business mistakes that internet home business owners commonly make.

Over optimize website

Most internet home business owners when they first learn about Search Engine Optimization spend a lot of time on “On site” optimization. This means that they spend endless hours tweaking their meta-tags and sitemaps and adding content on the websites that they create. Not that this is not important but search engines today have moved on and now look at PageRank which is a measure of how popular your website is online by counting the number of inbound links from other websites. Search engines also look at your website’s anchor text link that is found on websites with related industries. One good way to get such links is to exchange links with other websites and another way is to write articles and put your anchor text into your signature text.

Putting all your eggs into one basket

Sometimes it is hard to diversify and build multiple websites when you first start out in your internet home business because you are so caught up building one website that will be your crowning achievement online. What you do need to do however is to build several related websites at the same time and build link popularity for them all. This would also help you generate multiple income streams for your internet home business.

Not registering their own domain

Some people spend endless hours posting free ads on free classified ads online using the company referral code. What happens sometimes is that the company changes the referral code and all their previous advertising is in vain. A better way is to register your own domain and point it to whatever referral code you want and avoid this problem.

Failure to focus on one thing on their website

Some people think that the flea market approach is the best when they start building their websites and throw many ideas and business ideas into one website. This is terrible because it confuses your website visitors. If your website is a sales website you want to show your visitors one offer and one offer only. The more blinking banners and things that distract them on the page, the faster they will click away and the less money you will make in your internet home business.

Join get rich quick schemes online

There are always one group of people online that think that money is abundant online and can be made quickly though get rich quick schemes. Such people then are burnt as quickly as they came and then they go around the internet telling people that there is no way to make money online in any internet home business. Stay away from such get rich quick schemes and the popular adage is true “If it is too good to believe, it often is”. There is no substitute for working hard online on your internet home business.

Fail to plan

Most people fail to plan their websites and marketing campaigns when starting an internet home business and often spend a huge amount of time and money to realize that they have nothing to show for their large amount of work done. Spend some time formulating your online business plan and when in doubt go to popular internet marketing forums and seek advice. Tweak and tweak your plan continually so as to achieve greater internet home business success.

Fail to track conversion ratios

This applies to any form of internet home business promotion be it products or of the business opportunity itself. Spend some time tweaking all parts of your website so as to achieve the best results. This can be in the form of headlines, sales copy, opt in hoverads. A good way to start is to write down a list of variables and spend time testing them weekly. The Top Internet Marketing Gurus spend a lot time doing this and you should too if you want to get more sales from your internet home business website.

In conclusion, spend some time reading through these seven common internet home business mistakes and try to avoid them as you build your internet home business. Making money online is a deliberate plan and takes a lot of planning to be executed well. May your online endeavours be fruitful!

Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business [] ventures.Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today.


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U.S. Department of Commerce announced on “the application of countervailing duty law to China’s” views were sought to 48, the most striking is China’s Ministry of Commerce and the views of the two Chinese companies, China represents the voice. The remaining points mostly from the United States, in favor of China showed overwhelming countervailing views.

The so-called countervailing investigation, the investigation of government subsidies provided to producers is causing the country’s exports unfair competitive advantage. If the United States recognized China’s application of countervailing duty law to China’s exports will lead to “anti-dumping” after another big worry. According to the U.S. vision for comment phase has ended, the final decision will be announced in the near future.

China’s Ministry of Commerce, made clear that the United States was against “the application of countervailing duty law to China,” comments the move, in terms of both form and content is not illegal.

On the form, the United States to allow non-parties and outside organizations in the legal limit proposal, discussion does not meet U.S. domestic law.

The content for the Chinese for “countervailing duty laws” inconsistent with relevant WTO rules, also in violation of relevant United States law. China’s Ministry of Commerce, citing seven legal basis for that purpose the United States on the one hand because of its anti-dumping China as a non-market economy, and also to apply for the Chinese market economy country, “the countervailing duty law,” which will result in China double counting of domestic subsidies.

Washington’s approach, Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., and JHS Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. joint opinion letter submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce, questioned the practice.

The joint opinion letter that the practice of the U.S. in the long form a more complete and clear “market economy”, and “non-market economy country” distinction between standards and the identification and specific methods for calculating income subsidies. The “anti-subsidy law” limited “market economy” approach is the basis of these two established. Now to change this practice, the United States must prove that these two areas have at least one of the new standards or practices.

U.S. participation in the discussion of the organizations involved in various industries, more focused on the forestry, steel, machinery manufacturing, etc.. In 46 organizations in favor of the majority opinion, account for almost 80%.

Almost unanimously in favor of the party in general will be aimed at China’s huge trade surplus with the United States, and that is precisely because the United States has not taken effective measures to deal with the Chinese government to give Chinese companies illegal subsidies to the Chinese in the manufacturing, iron and steel smelting industry and so long maintained against the United States an unfair advantage. In favor of the party also believes that policies 20 years ago, the “countervailing law” limited “market economy” has not meet the current situation.

The few voices of opposition, only the views of American Iron and Steel Association, the most comprehensive, including: “non-market economy” for “anti-subsidy law” unfair; will be double-counting of income subsidies unreasonable; hastily launched in China, “Countervailing Duty Law” is may cause material shortages, price increases, to the U.S. domestic economy instability.

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about wedgewood fine china , segmented bowls.

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