Fred Thompson: In the ever-changing world of business, an organizations success depends on constantly meeting new challenges and adapting to the marketplace. Im Fred Thompson. From E-Commerce to investing, business strategies to human resources, join me as we take a closer look inside the workings of the modern global economy. Welcome to The Economic Report. Greg Gumble: Whether its cars, computers, or mobile devices, technology plays an integral part in our everyday lives. Take a look at this next story. Narrator: Almost twelve million vehicles are produced in America each year, including over four million passenger cars and nearly eight million commercial vehicles. Millions of vital parts and components are needed, mostly supplied by secondary sources. Automobile manufacturers must have confidence that each part will perform reliably for the life of the vehicle. Suppliers who dont maintain peak quality standards part after part dont last long in this business. And the industry itself is in peril if all parties arent bringing their highest level of innovation and efficiency to the table. One company has been providing both for over sixty-five years. Robb McCoy: Art Technologies has specialized in coining for several decades and weve been very good at learning the aspects of coining and being able to lower our parts cost and improve the quality to give the appearance and the (1:34) tight tolerance of a fine blank part. Narrator: Opening its doors in 1943 as a tool and die

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