Inside Business Newscast on SOTI Inc.- World Leader in Mobile Devices Management President Carl Rodrigues uncovers SOTI Inc.’s award-winning technology. Inside Business highlights SOTI’s mounting customer base world-wide & advantages with mobile technology use including increased: Remote Control Android •Operational efficiency •Data accuracy & capturing •Reporting •Employee productivity •Customer service •Business opportunity •MDM support •Global Positioning System Tracking Dr. Ronald Nicholis illustrates the vital nature of mobile devices in the healthcare industry at The Children’s Mercy Hospital- Kansas City, Missouri. SOTI MobiControl enables physicians & surgeons to improve efficiency & quality of care through ability to update patient information, access lab/radiology reports, & search medical resources for diagnostic & treatment decisions. SOTI Inc. Product Manager Oscar Rambaldini identifies how MobiControl can enhance the mobile end user’s experience with helpdesk solutions. Visit for advanced mobile technology including: MobiAssist, & Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry SOTI Inc.- We Manage Mobility , Samsung SAFE, SAFE Device Management for the Enterprise, Samsung Approved for Enterprise, SAFE enterprise-ready, Enterprise Security BlitFire 10X mdm magic quadrant 2012 Mobile Device Management magic quadrant 2012 Gartner magic quadrant 2012 Niche player magic quadrant Mobile Device Management Niche player Gartner report MDM Gartner

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