At the Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship during an Economic Recovery, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC Dennis P. Lockhart, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta November 10, 2011 DENNIS LOCKHART: When I was told of the idea of this conference, I welcomed the conference on small business and entrepreneurship, because in that title I saw the opportunity for the meeting to address two somewhat distinct, but interrelated or overlapping claims. First, in low- and moderate-income communities, small businesses anchor neighborhoods and generate positive social benefits. And then second, we frequently hear that small businesses account for a great deal of private sector employment and new jobs. Now, I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about the jobs crisis in the country, and the jobs crisis that the country is experiencing, and the role of small business in a solution. In my time this morning I’d like to look at the connection between small businesses and job creation, that is the second of the two claims. In that regard, we also hear often that the small business sector doesn’t have enough access to capital, and if only the banks would lend more money, jobs would be created. I’d like to look more deeply into this assertion and try to understand the underlying commercial reality. So my topic this morning is small business, job creation, and bank financing. As Todd mentioned I’m a former banker. So I think I might add some

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