Build Your First List In 57 Minutes Flat and Bank Off It Under 24 Hours


Want Pay Days Like This?

And to Build a List Quickly Like This?

"Introducing List Smasher X"

The blueprint to building responsive lists

What Is List Smasher X?

A blueprint to build your very first list quickly and easily. But most importantly how to build a responsive list and the all in all crucial relationship with that list.
This is a full blown system where I show you *exactly* how to build your list, including creating an irresistible offer, easily putting up my high converting squeeze page, getting laser targeted traffic to your offer and building a super strong relationship with your list.

I Have List Building Down To A Science

I have list building down to a perfectly crafted science. I quickly create compelling opt-in offers so I can build my lists in lightning speed. Now I want to show you exactly step-by-step how I do it.

When I first started building lists online I struggled. I found it difficult to:

  • create a good offer
  • setup an opt in page
  • know where to go to get high quality traffic
  • understand the best price to pay for it
  • understand how to make money with a list

Truth is I wasn?t even sure why I needed to build a list. But then I started to piece things together. Little by little I figured out a quick and easy way to build my list with lightning speed and create a super valuable opt in offer that people actually wanted.

I discovered the best places to get really high value traffic to send to my offers.

I discovered what to send to my list so they would respond AND actually purchase what I had to offer or recommend.

My life also became a lot easier once I had a list of people that I could mail high quality information and they would respond by actually buying things I recommended.

It is now easy for me to make $200-$500 dollars a week off just one email!

I spent some time getting to that place but I now have a powerful asset that I can use online.

And it has made a huge difference in my life and my family?s life.

Now I want to show you *exactly* how I was able to achieve these results.

So Here?s What I Got

In List Smasher X I show you exactly how to:

  • Generate cash on demand (this is not hype this is fact, you can literally send an email and receive commissions with in 2 minutes. Think about that)
  • Build a loyal subscriber base (these guys actually want to hear from you, they like you)
  • Create lists that convert (and because they like you, they trust you and purchase your recommendations)
  • The very best place to buy a high value solo ad, so you can have a list and be making money off them by this afternoon.

This really is a step by step system for exactly how to do this then do that. I make this as simple as possible for you.

And I remove all of these:

  • Any uncertainty about how to build a list
  • Knowing exactly what to send to your list
  • I give you everything you need, full step-by-step help to get you going with your very own list.
  • Never be ripped off from Solo Ad sellers again

I have something that can do this for you and more

Why Is This Such A Good Deal?

So I?m not going to give you some massive price tag with this. This is the Warrior Forum afterall. But I do know that in the right hands this information literally has the power to change your life.

This will give you the breakthroughs you need to really start seeing some nice substantial income online.

So I am going to start the price at just $4.95, but it will be going up with every 3 sales, so if you want to get an absolute bargain then you must jump on this right now.

Price is increasing EVERY 3 SALES

Bonuses For Fast Action Takers

I am also going to be giving away 2 fast action bonuses. These are only available for the first 20 buyers.

Bonus 1.

WordPress Secrets by Jason Fladlien ? an absolute gold mine on everything you need to know about WordPress

Bonus 2.

How one guy made $22,754.75 in 3 MONTHS! working part time from the comfort of his bedroom!


Get your hands on this course immediately. Open it up and if after 10 minutes you don’t already feel you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth, I demand you contact me and I will promptly and quietly return every penny of your purchase… no questions asked.

Better yet – take a full 60 days to use this system and benefit from it. If within those 60 days for any reason – or no reason at all – you are unsatisfied then let me know and I will return 100% of your investment that day. You risk nothing and you stand to gain everything today. So act now and sign up!

So what will it be?

Are you going to continue your online journey without knowing how to build a list the right way or are you going to make this tiny investment and discover exactly how to do it right from the start and profit?

Rob Stafford

PS. Get this now before I take it down off the Warrior Forum and release if for 5 times the price (which would still be a bargain)

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