Tell Us How Government Regulation Hurting Your Business Jennifer Fraser is the Director of Engineering and Construction for Vantage Data Centers, a next-gen data center small business from Santa Clara, California that has become an industry leader in performance efficiency and environmental stewardship. Jeff Rose is Vantage’s VP of Engineering. Since its inception in 2010, Vantage has sought to minimize electricity consumption at their data centers, as electricity is far and away their largest cost. Already, the price of electricity has caused many in their industry to flee the country to countries with cheaper electricity. Despite this existing competitive disadvantage for the USA, new Utility MACT standards that will raise electricity prices will have an outsize effect on even an environmentally friendly data center like Vantage, and send more high paying jobs over seas. House Republicans are working to deliver relief from the job-killing burden of regulations like the EPA’s Utility MACT Rule. Last week, the House passed legislation to support job creators like Wayne. The Administration’s new maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards and cross-state air pollution rule (CSAPR) for utility plants will affect electricity prices for nearly all American consumers. In total, 1000 power plants are expected to be affected. The result for middle class Americans? Annual electricity bill increases in many parts of the country of anywhere from

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