www.StockMarketFunding.com June Unemployment Report 2012 Pre-Market Knee-Jerk Reaction. In this live stock market trading video, we’ll cover Google shares and how they reacted to the Friday’s jobs number. The nation’s unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2% for the second consecutive month, the Labor Department said Friday. A consensus of economists had estimated that payrolls grew by 95000 jobs last month, including 103000 in the private sector. Several reports on the labor market Thursday seemed to brighten the outlook, especially the ADP survey that showed substantially higher private-sector job gains in June than the previous two months. Chris Jones of TD Economics says Friday’s government report could be pivotal in helping the Federal Reserve decide on Aug. 1 whether to buy more securities to lower long-term interest rates and stimulate the economy. Job growth of less than 100000 a month, he says, likely would increase the chances of additional Fed stimulus, especially since economic indicators increasingly show inflation is not a concern.

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