www.globalchange.com Futurist conference speaker – industry trends. Future trends in paper and packaging industry- entire 30 minute presentation. Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Demographics, digital impact, distribution and destiny. Demographics 1 billion new consumers. Emerging markets growth and demand for commodities resources / paper and cardboard. Growth of emerging middle class and paper products growth. Oil price rises, growing populations, food supply, growth of meat eaters, shortage of grain, rice, wheat, soya. Energy shortage and conservation. Developed world population decline — eg Germany, small families and ageing population, decline unless migration / immigration. France, Portugal, Spain, UK demographic challenges in European Union. Expect huge immigration, populations shifts. Video on future of paper and packaging industry by Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise, conference keynote speaker. Economic and population growth with decline in developed nations creates future differences in paper demand. India and China paper use compared to America / US and EU — 300kg paper use per year compared to 4kg in India. Emerging economies growth in paper and cardboard packaging. India paper consumption trends. Energy costs impact on pulp, paper, cardboard and packaging industries, future manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics. Future oil price trends. Global energy savings. Impact on paper industry — Future

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